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Air Force, and they chip it into the air. Maraj is has it rims it around to the far side Half wall for Adam's Adam's kicks it To Robinson and fumbled it. Brennan saves it for Air Force finds Robinson Luke Robinson turns gives it up. Russia here by Air Force Adam's gains. The blue line tries to go to the middle of the ice with that that didn't work so he gives to Rydell coming up the right wing limbs around to the left side for cook Cook with the shot. Get traffic on the way in Lakers end up with the K koi. Mercier's throws one nappy Air Force Net picked up in the corner by Briere. Bree Air from behind the Net, wanted this center from there, but cook Knocked it away. Cook gets it too. Ride, taps it to 11. Jake 11 will send it in for Air Force. They go after it. I got to the corner. The puck comes all the way up the ice, and this is gonna be a nice and call on Mercier's well and again, Air force having trouble getting out of its own end, and we wouldn't mention We want to see the play on the far side of the ice down in that first year stand instead. The first couple of minutes. We're right down in front of us. The Lakers were buzzing. They got that shot from Norton went wide. Sheriff tied this game up. We're a 2 to 16 39 left In the third bankers have come out. They found another gear and air force has not risen. To that level yet here early in the third period, the pockets in the neutral zone going back and forth right in front of the team benches and the Lakers grab it. Bring it into the air Force in but a good play by Nate Horn and knock it away. Knock it free, picked up by shot. Note note looks up in here He comes to candling through the neutral zone. Trying to get around. One last defender.

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