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To the shore, thanks for putting into your ears and as always if you're an avid listener, happy days, thanks for your continued support. This week's guests. Yes, guest poodle, husband and wife dynamic you from Glasgow in Scotland. Jordan. Is Our tennis coach has been so for many many years ex internationalist, or should I see currently internationalist, because he plays over thirty five for Britain and Scotland. Great Guy Great coach, passionate tennis, one of the people similar to my last guest, Toby Smith. Who you never hear anyone say about word about Jordi and for me. That's the type of people one on my show. His wife is even better. Sorry, Jody. She is a fitness instructor one of my favorite types of people. She calls a spade of speech. He doesn't hold back very opinionated, very passionate, and once the best, not just for her clients, but the industry and also for tennis, because obviously she's married to tennis coach and her children play tennis as well. So, we have a fantastic check in this episode about the crossovers between tennis and fitness world The learnings we could get from each world. Some challenges that may be arise in tennis. Especially, so for it was a great chat, really learned a lot from both of them and I'm sure you will too so before I hand over earlier on this week. I was chatting to a former guest, and I tend to do this. Let people knew how many downloads had just it makes them feel good about themselves. And this particular guest was blown away by how many people around the world had listened to her episode and she said. Why don't you see that on the podcast because those numbers are impressive? God. That sounds like a tool boss. She goes well. You're the one man Dan June it for the right reasons. You should put it out there so before they hand you over to Jordi and Hazel. This show has been ongoing for about two and a half years in. The lockdown from Cuvette. I was doing one a month, but I've run to up to do one a week since then in news two and a half years. We have been listened. In fifty four different countries around the world, currently sitting at just under three hundred thousand downloads so Jordan, his hope you smash through that three hundred thousand mark and the feedback I get from various different people around the world is is truly humbling, and your is a one man. Band is just me. I even bought all the technology like a gadget so I've gone expense beard. All the editing is done by myself. And I do it for one reason which is to help people. Stories that you hear the learnings, the experiences from all my all my guests are amazing, so if you haven't heard some of the previous guests go back and have a cheeky listen, but if you get a chance, take a second and give us a five star review on Itunes, or wherever podcast listen to and equally as important, take a second and writer. Review your favorite guests in what you've learned from them. This is the thing that gets. The shore found more naturally on these search engines within. June all the other podcasting APPS, so the more people that read the more people that review the quicker POPs up when you in podcasts searches in tennis, and so on so that's my little plea to you over, and I'm going to hand you overnight to Hazel and Jordan. Enjoy welcome to Hazel and Jordan Grey have deliberately put them in that order order of importance. And you are thirty, eighth entertains. Right Tennis Journal how you doing. Thing but. Surviving? Surviving surviving well from what I can see so. As I mentioned before I'm keen to kind of explore. Go your journeys and what you've learned from each other, so let's start with. His Oh. Let's say give me a little bit of a the listeners, a bit of a background in what you do. Turkey chain on Ostra fixing fixing. As Wales Elevate Really interstate claims. As master cheater for on. And Jason to small classes Evans, not do Yulia focus or been. The together. You take together lay Quintanilla. Containment dicamba really enjoy it and that's. MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN A. Is that five as stupid. As. A bit more taking cold savvy. Jordan's laughing because. I am not. A law of just mashing in Georgia. So even running in the night of the Hague's the first couple. When thanks for it was as the Reagan visited was abetted. An can disappeared. So I think my biggest I learned. To do over. Immunity played off because I didn't. Enjoy it. Really Stack. You will work. joins each on their solvency is a different. Dimension, isn't it because if if you'd said for months ago, this'll be what you'll be doing. You'd be like no chance, but when you got new other opportunities, and you just have to play on, do do exactly that and. Technologies Brilliant when it works God it so annoying when it doesn't. Like well, you. You would probably will not coal yesterday, Jerry? Of is exactly could called cast gold for listener but we were. On a cold to two hundred coaches yesterday three tennis Scotland's. The settings were only set up for receiving one hundred. So my phone was going ballistic I've I've Kinda felt like going what you want me to say. You know what I mean on. What's up while I'm live to one hundred coaches looking at me. It was carnage so. Same last night as well so the. But thing you think you'll carry on doing an element of that after during. A demand for the. Courses. Over the next five weeks online. People were really really keen to an old. worst. You can see all these webby. New People working on their own Vigil. Of that. Best is another agree alternative for eight a sekine station that would affordable was Also for me to because staten when you get your point across you. Touch, so more move. Andrew Daily Street and exact sample also have to get A. Teaching in. On. A really good point. Isn't it because Jordy will get a second I'm sure you've experienced exactly the same you you've verbally. You have to be so specific. The. From my experience of doing fitness in the been using some apps like you'll apps, and whatever natural what I've actually taken from them. Is that if if they they've obviously free recorded these? Under nailed the attention to detail. In terms of I can close my eyes, and actually a here everything they're seeing and visualize it so as a good learning for for us coaches so. There's so much I could unpack Otake by what you talked about in terms of liking to. A group, relatively small numbers together, and also that whole thing about.

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