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Are they aware that that is what is happening in the media in the United States or very very much aware of that? And they're one hundred percents determined to get to the border. They believe they have a legal right to enter as asylum-seekers. And also, they're very religious people. When things you hear over and over again people say God, find a way to help me get across it. Also, they believe that God will touch President Trump card and open the doors to the US. Follow the your stories and see people on foot pushing strollers carrying what they can every single person has a different story every there's a movie and every single one of those families. What what is some of the stories that have have really touched you the most people's health always about, you know, extreme poverty, not being able to work not being able to support their families. And then you hear people talk a lot about threat from gangs when you own a business or you work, you are forced to pay a very high percentage of your salary to the gang. And if you don't pay them, the Kilian one family that I interview from Honduras, they show documents that they were traveling away that being to verify that these threats were real that they have their lives have been threatened in Honduras. I'm not sure where they got some kind of a legal document a where they got it. But they they were hoping that that document would help them reach the United States and be allowed. To enter apply for five lots of stories like that extortion is a lot of young male with the group. These young men are between ages eighteen and in their twenties. And they say they're at the prime age of being targeted for recruitment. And if these join gangs they threatened to kill you. And they don't wanna join these games. Do you think is possible that these people will get to the US border? It's they're a long way from there at this point. They yeah. Yeah. Very likely that they will reach their but between here and the US border. Not always the very long distance very very dangerous through they you know, the train falling off while you're not the a cold. And then they also be attacked by criminal organizations that craving migrant and also being forced into the drug trade by the narcotraffickers. I get the sense that people feel like if they die making it to the United States at that price are willing to pay because it's so horrible and their own in their own country. Daniel, I know you gotta get back to her can lots of people to talk to we wanna talk to you. So I'll let you go. And appreciate you talking to us. Sure. No problem. Bye. Bye. Bye. Daniel Gonzales is immigration reporter with the Zona Republic. We reached him in Tacoma on Guatemala..

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