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The district start with online only classes for the first quarter of the year. Adams made the recommendation at a school board meeting last night, echoing the call the teachers union made earlier this week as heard on KMOX. In related news students in Kirkwood will be staying home to start the school year. Record. Superintendent David All Rick said The decision to move to an all virtual start was made due to rising Corona virus rates The month of July has seen nearly 1/3 of all this year's murders in the city of ST Louis, and the police union is worried. There's no end in sight. This is Kevin Colleen. As of Tuesday. They were just You're 50 murders in July in the city of ST Louis. That's out of a total of 150 for the year. The president of the ST Louis Police Officers Association officer Jay Schroeder, says he's never seen anything like it in 15 years on the job. He says. It seems like the answer for everything is to get a gun and shoot, somebody says with a murder just about every day in July. Some days, two or three officers have been scrambling to cover all the crime scenes, and there's no sign that August will be different. Kevin Colleen Saint Louis NEWS RADIO came Alexe came o X news time is 7 14 a measure to eliminate ST Louis Cities residency requirement for police officers started a Senate Committee hearing on violent crime. City Police Commissioner John Aiden told the committee that the residency requirement has caused more than 100 unfilled vacancies. Meet the demands of the ongoing gun bombs and continuous demonstrations. Officers have had don't do a 12 hour days. Cancellation of recreation days. And countless irretrievable ours. Away from their families to say officers are physically emotionally and spiritually drained. We desperately need more officers and we need them now. The committee took no immediate action on the bill, kicking the governor's anticrime package off until after next week's primary. From the state Capitol. Philbrook SINK LOUIS his news radio KMOX from the Jefferson Bank and trust Business desk. The ST Louis City Health Department is temporarily shuttered for businesses that says were openly flouting mask and social distancing. Mandates. Wheelhouse Start bar Big Daddy's on the Landing and Marquis restaurant and lounge. We're all told. They need to shut down for two weeks. Mayor Crewson says she's taking this approach because the majority of bars and restaurants in the city are trying to follow the rules. It's also different than what's being done in ST Louis County, where all bars and restaurants will have to close at 10 p.m. Starting Friday came awake. Snooze time is 7 15 Now. Ginga, mo exports from the new ball, BMW Toyota Sports desk and What's the deal with the Cardinals? Well, here's the cards. Game. Recap with John Ready, sponsored by the Don brown Deal, Don Brown Chevrolet on South King's Highway at the entrance to the hill with Ricky Hardened. I'm John Rooney. And last night in Minneapolis, one inning did Carlos Martinez and the Cardinals in Five runs second on the way to the Twins 6 to 3 victory in their home opener. Good news. After that is the Cardinal's bullpen gave him a chance to come back in the game. The Cardinal's cut it to 6 to 3 with a home run late by Tommy Edmund. But hitless work from the Cardinal's bullpen really gave him that shot. And from the Cardinal bullpen. From that standpoint, Austin Gummer and ending in 2/3. Giovanni Gallegos was activated before the game yesterday, 2/3 of an inning dollar Web a scoreless seventh and John Gant worked a quick eighth inning. They were all very sharp against that tough Minnesota Twins lineup. The Twins scored five times in the second inning. A home run by or hey, Polanco capped it off a Donaldson home run in the fourth. Tyler O'Neill and Tommy had been homered for the Cardinals, but not enough 6 to 3. Minnesota Daniel Ponce de Leon against ritual tonight and we're on the air at 6 15 before the game. Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mose a lock with this announcement about Miles Michaelis, Michaelis, right, forearm Fletcher as experience in spring training or thought we were on Really good power and that his last couple times on the mouth. It just didn't feel quite right. Uh, received never dry yesterday was determined. Then he will need surgery. And so he'll miss the rest of the season and be ready for spring 2021. Daniel Pon. Still, Leone starts in his spot. Tonight in Minnesota. Major League Baseball has come up with a patchwork schedule for the remainder of the week due to that virus outbreak that sickened half of the Marlins team. MLB has suspended the marlin season through Sunday, so the Phillies remain idle by the pandemic is well until Friday. The Yankees were to play there they will not The Phillies were the last team to host the Marlins, the league says, among Mohr than 6400 cove in 19 tests conducted since Friday, though there were no new positives involving on field personnel from any team other than The Marlins. The Blues and Blackhawks played for 30 today. An exhibition game in Edmondson. I'm Tom Ackerman on the home of the Cardinal's Came Alexe high..

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