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Well, I mean, I'm not going to be I'll be back in ballast by well. Yeah. Yeah. I know I'm saying that we prior to the week that game. Yeah. Yeah. I get what you're saying. What you're saying? All right. So let's let's talk about the is there anybody on the the defense or the offense for the Buchan ears. That worries you at all. Mike is Mike evidence. Just not fair. So. Yeah. I mean somebody else or on defense somebody all right? Guess who took the lead? Will. Let's get a change. Dude. It's crazy. Not really, I mean journal McCoy's stud. I haven't really heard his name as much this year. I haven't watched a lot of Tampa big buccaneers football. He'll he scary. They have a good linebacker do Thomas. Davis of not Thomas Davis. What's his name Levada, David in a what's the other dudes name? What's the other book news linebacker? Quantel Zander Alexander. Yeah, they have to good linebackers. They're so bad against the run. They really don't get after the quarterback all that. Well, this should just be such an easy game for the Cowboys. I eight say, but it should be. What about you is there any Peyton Barbara? Ronald Jones has been a complete. Busts of I'm not giving up on Ronald Jones. I'm not either. I'm not either. But he's been a bust so far. It doesn't look good. Yes. There's this guy. And vivas Knox. Knowing cousin vein is not suck man being vase good beat. Invade was hurt me took a game or two to get settled. Lena van is playing better now. Is that who didn't talk about that is? Now. I mean, he doesn't I I don't fear. Well, I do fear him a little bit. If he's lined up against Connor Williams or Joe looney of Joe looney wants to play like he did in this past game because then beat available just put both of them about four yards into the backfield, which would be concerning. Now, I think sack Marco probably play in this game. Looks like Xavier sue feel will play in this game as well with McCoy and via you would like to have that anterior of the offense of line healthy and ready to go for this game. I would just like to say that David Howman says that he's a seafood fanatic. But he doesn't like crab legs. Oh, hold on tell it tell it. Right. He doesn't like crab legs lobster or all-stars. So what kind of seafood do you like, David? Are you just a fish fan? What are we doing here? You can't call yourself a seafood fanatic. But you like except for half the sea food out there and looks like kind kinda connects oh, it's a fifty fifty tire right now as the podcast comes to an end. Make sure you keep an eye at my Twitter account at Connor NFL draft. We got the crab legs versus lobster poco on. That's the most exciting thing that happened on this podcast today. So that tells us we should end we'll be back on Friday to really talk football preview for this buccaneers game. Hopefully preview for this clinching playoff clinching game to the Cowboys will have this Sunday, twelve o'clock central time at home AT and T stadium during the area. Go to the game cheerily loud mixture that the KOMO the victory. We're talking to stop. Hey, I'm ill dash. And I'm the host of a new show called function from the vox media podcast network glitch this season. We're talking with experts about wire voting machines are so bad and how that might hurt our elections. We'll also talk with an enemy to find out. How popular dances from the real world end up in video games? And we're going to tackle the biggest question in tech. Why do so many celebrities use screen shots from that apple notes apt to make their public apologies when they screw up? You can find new episodes of function every Monday on apple podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts and thanks to Microsoft, Azure, for sponsoring function.

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