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The avalanche ballroom and the fillmore auditorium where we would hear bands like cream and big brother and the holding company which was janice joplin band and jimi hendrix and the grateful dead the jefferson airplane it was really a lot of rock and roll going on santana also he would appear for free on the weekends at people's park in berkeley and we were dressing outrageous cost us i sewed my own costumes and i was deaf i definitely embrace the entire hippie lifestyle so i was wearing outrageous clothing and i was basically screwing everything inside meaning then now that scene started to deteriorate in in pretty short order right in a couple of three years well yeah there was the summer of love that in the summer of love is when i learned transcendental meditation but i also attended almonte and altamonte was nineteen sixty nine that's when the rolling stones appeared ness when there was a mob and meredith was his name guy got killed at at altima so that was kind of the end of that was pretty much really that killed the hippie movement because of that seeing that ultimate it was very scary and i was right there near the st charles charles manson was hanging around there then sure was there was the manson family did you ever see did you ever see him or them.

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