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An optional equipment dealer. Price will vary. Forty on Kanaks LA city in LA county officials are going after a number of people accused of taking advantage of immigrants and urge more alleged victims to come forward. Immigrants have never been under so many threats and there's so much anxiety in our community the varying Sidoti that those who would prey on them are seeking to take advantage of city. Attorney Mike fewer we will stand up for you. We will do everything we can to protect you fewer says his office is prosecuting a mother and daughter accused of running an illegal immigration consulting business in the Lamar park area amount accused of improperly acting as an immigration consultant and the unauthorized practice of law in the PICO union area. While he was on probation for similar charges and another man who was accused of harassing and threatening Latino day laborer who put in six days of work, and how to file a claim with the state to get paid emigrants who need legal aid or think they've been scammed can call the county's office of immigrant affairs club. Skew KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio federal jury Santana's ruled that the Mongols motorcycle. Club. Must forfeit logos on patches worn by members. The same jury found the group guilty of racketeering charges last month. And now they've found there is a direct correlation between the groups crimes and the trademark logo of a motorcycle rider with a goatee. Stevens dubs is the Mongols attorney very disappointing that the jury came back and said that yes, they're patched their identity. Their symbols can be forfeit. It's it's very disappointing. Prosecutors made the argument that the Mongols are empowered by these symbols said they wear like armor. It's possible local food banks might have to feed a lot more people than normal in the near future. If the partial government shutdown drags on the US department of agriculture found a work around to continue to fund the food programs through the end of February here in Los Angeles. Michael flood CEO the LA regional food Bank says if those funds run out at margin people turn to them for help they have needed food stocks for a while at least coming out of the holiday season. We're in a really good position with a really robust food inventory. So so that's very helpful. What's a major concern is of the shutdown continues to the March and a much larger percentage of the five hundred fifty thousand people on the Cal fresh program turned to alternative sources like foodbanks supplies could get depleted much faster than expected. Even if there's a donation surge from the general public to try to help meet the demands of poor families, Pete Demetrio,.

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