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Sponsoring the PODCAST I we're back in radio with Kyle Lamb and let's get right back into it here here's the next question and this is one area that I think everyone should be critical of is the return game a special teams right now is is a non factor which can be good and bad right especially teams a non factor you say well that means we didn't do anything screwing up which is a great thing drew crispin and the I've been awesome the kickoff coverage has been awesome the kicker sucks but the coverage has been great but the return game I don't see that explosion that when we used to have Jalen Marshall back there even go back Ted Ginn or some of these other places that have these dynamic returners in this state we just talked about the skill where is that dynamic returner that's interesting because I was thinking about that the other day is long as I can remember watching Ohio state there was always one really good kick returner and punt returner that could take it to that in Ohio state doesn't have that right now it's funny was I think last week Morio McCall fair caught a punt return where there was like nobody within and I felt like clearly I think that there him holding onto the ball is having a residual effect on him being willing to make a play because I feel like they've ingrained in him so much you gotTa hold onto the ball you gotta hold onto the ball now he's afraid to make a play because he's having problems holding onto the ball and he's really the one guy I think they throw back there consistently that could make a play but now they've got him scared do so and Gary Wilson I think get Wilson has a chance to be a good return but he doesn't have that lateral quickness that some returners do and I think that's holding him back little bit plus being a freshman I'm not sure that they wanNA throw a minute that role just yet at least permanently so yeah I think they have the guys but the guys they do have right now for whatever season they're just not working out well I'll tell you right now and I thought I said this when I recruited them I said it when I watched him play told urban this they have an all American and kick returner in Jamison Williams they do yeah he is he is Ted Ginn reincarnate he is a straight line fluid I mean he eats grass when he run head down and I read it and they have it so I promise you next year were never they let him loose he'll be back there returning kicks but I've always just think about it was Jalen Marshall and then after Jalen left it was really we didn't we had Curtis Samuel but urban didn't WanNA use him back there since Jalen left there hasn't really been a great returner no there hasn't it sad because there should be you know what's interesting I did notice I was going through because I was going through some play-by-play data for games this year and I know shocking right the staten are going to play by play I don't believe it interesting nationally the part return averages are down by like four or five yards in return I don't know why that is I can understand with kick return because the the rules you can fair catch kick returns understand why that's down and statistically better than just to take to twenty five now but punt returns down to in that avent been able to figure out why that is that's a great point I don't know why I mean I I would say punt returns or down in the last ten years because a style of punt teams just how wide open and spread these teams are back in I mean I remember when I was at Florida everyone was a vertical set had big tight ends on their coverage teams and it was like Oh my God you were drooling they hold them up for one second you might score it was unbelievable but yeah that's that's rising rugby punters out there now I remember ten years ago you'd see a few here and there but now let's over half the teams rugby punit Oh yeah Australia man taking over the world well that that I think that's a great kind of mid season picture of Ohio state on offense and kicking game it over to defense what are you like what don't you like what are your or is there anything you don't like about this defense there's really not I mean I know that there are still some people that don't the linebackers of the greatest and let's be honest me there aren't any AJ hawks out there there's no bobby carpenters but it is still it has been a linebacking core that is still a the average I would take them over probably ninety percent linebacking core is out there the way they're playing this year absolutely and when you you know you just give that steady linebacker linebacker play that are just making the plays that they need to make an of course Maliki Harrison has been great barren browning has really come on strong you put that defensive line and that's secondary with just a good linebacking core and they have got a really really good defense is it the best defense out there maybe maybe not I liked Wisconsin's defense despite what happened week I like them a lot but I think Ohio states combination of speed skill and physicality it's it's good as defenses or is out there for sure absolutely and I would view that Maliki Harrison Barrett Browning Pete Warner as as a trio there's not gonna be that much better in the country I mean you look at Alabama no I mean I don't know who does who has a better three linebackers now you start subbing in some guys that maybe aren't as good as those three I know tough Borland is a hot topic and has been for like what feels like eighty years She might be that old he's a better place this year though because last year they needed him out there they were nobody else will stepping up this year is a good place because they can take their spots with him can be out there more on rundowns and they're not gonna he's not going to get exploited in pass coverage as much as he was last year and that's because Beirne Browning stepped up so I like that with him because they don't have to rely on him and it's really helping and they just the depth that linebacking core a lot better in the scheme switch judge scheme switch helped helped the tough borland's of this team immensely and I I I couldn't agree more though I think defense is probably the best defensive line I've seen in my career Lsu had one with Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey that was I mean it was ridiculous but this is right up there with them I mean you talk about Jay Sean Corner which obviously chase young everyone who how could you not about him but I think the defensive line and they're even getting young guys in their Tyler Fridays and they're playing a bunch of dudes I know this Persson has been used before it's not unique but really reminds me of win Florida state in the nineties started the wave of of coming at you with with second and third team defensive lineman's absolutely it it really reminds me of the Florida State Defensive Lineman defensive line teams because they had all these guys that were freshmen and sophomores come in in the fourth quarter when you were tired and fresh legs and that's what is seen is doing right now it's not just chase young like you said I mean they go ten eleven deep on the defensive line with no problem and it seemed like they had for four straight weeks injuries at the defensive end just somebody else would come in and step up but it was still making plays this role the next one next man up next man up here here's the hot topic that that that I think people are not talking about obviously first of all I've said one hundred times I'm sure you agree I'm sure I think everyone agrees the Jeff Okuda's the best corner in the college football right now he is as far as tackling ability coverage skills just other than I can't remember what game it was Ah Indiana I think he came out and forgot there was a game for like a quarter other than that quarter he's been just just locked down absolutely lights out it is it's amazing because last year they would throw go away from throwing at him because there were guys you could exploit Damon are net I'm looking at you last year there were legitimate chip advantages for other teams this year they're going away from Makuto because it's just the lesser of all evils they're not taking our as much as who you're gonNA throw you're gonNA throw it net you're gonNA throw it wait or are you GonNa Throw it Okuda there's just not a good answer there the great news is our net has stepped up and playing potentially as a first round pick himself it's it's really crazy how well their plan but I agree I think Okuda's a lock barring injury or something unforeseen to be a top ten pick and I think our net and wade or both second third round picks it not first round picks themselves yeah I think Sean Wade will be Arnett here's a funny story about our net so I recruited Saint Thomas Aquinas in south Florida that's where nets from and I was back down there he was probably a freshman or sophomore I was down there and I was talking to a kind of high profile high school coach in the area I was talking to him with a guy that I didn't know he was at the time Georgia's secondary coach Donahue he has doesn't matter I'm sitting there and he asked me the Georgia's senior coach said our house our net doom and I was like you know what he's wildly undisciplined he's an asshole in a good way in a bad way but he could be a first round corner and they both I mean nick wanted to fight me about it and I love what I'm watching right now because he's not playing like a first round corner in my opinion but he's not for all and and that you couldn't have said had a year ago now you couldn't have and that's where I I've said this on unscripted Ohio before but I I really commend him because he could have done the easy thing he could have gone out to the draft would've been fourth fifth round pick probably but he had a chance to chase his dream but he said no I can get better I can come back and realize my dream and he did that you know he's he's tarred clearly he's matured yes you're he's still Damodar net you know you'll see him get mixing it up a little bit but he's keeping his composure and it's just he's playing and it's I think the guy would point to if you're a coach and say this is the guy that did it right you know he he had his issues demons but it came back worked hard and and then now you rolling jeff halfway also getting coached at a high level again in and you're watching development that should have been two years of development not just this year and so luckily he had the sense of urgency and as they say trying to secure his bag as motivation but he's he's he's playing better than than than I would have even anticipated so that's that's definitely a good thing here's here's the next question for you what is the bullet position so the way I understand it it's kind of a hybrid linebacker safety position to come in and it meant for you know meant to cover the inside receivers and they exploited if you're in a traditional four three you don't want it you're inside linebacker trying to cover a slant pass so does it exist at Ohio state well that's the thing we haven't seen much of it have we I mean we were told all coming in season and the season that we're gonNA see a lot brenna white out there and that just hasn't happened and I can't figure out which position it is like if Pete Warner's fission than than they are wildly they have a large spectrum of bullets they have little bullets bullets fastball it slow it's like a mere reap Brennan White and Pete Warner all play the same position I'm confused now maybe it was a thing for the media to create buzz I don't know it was was a.

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