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Everybody. Welcome back We are previewing all of the spring fling movies. We are up to one perfect wedding saturday. April third starring taylor cole. Jack turner of bernard and go for go for duchenne. No way snow as duchenne. D. e. w. s. h. a. n. e. the shame. Shame maybe this duchenne duchenne because dish. Shane the wfan sense. Did you say it's shane. Okay now this is the third part of the of the perfect. I don't know one winter weekend. One winter proposal and now one perfect wedding so they couldn't do not. I don't know now wire now. There's a there's here's how he could rectify. This is over the next two weeks next week and the following week instead of doing christmas classic on friday we do the weekend the winter weekend in the winter proposal that way. We're all caught up. Because i'd hate. I would hate to go and blind because we've done this before. We're finally rectified. That situation a few years late with finding christmas because we saw a marrying father christmas. Yeah just ripped it. It's that's fair. I've now seen finding father. Christmas marrying father. Christmas is still an awful. So what are you guys. Stink about that idea. I love the idea brand. i'm all about. i'm a completion est at heart. And so i went i. I hate to miss out on a trilogy. That is a legitimate like i. I also very rarely watch trilogies. Like i would never watch the third part of a trilogy by itself. Homework is the exception. Because it just doesn't matter. I would rather watch christmas classics but i feel like i'm gonna get like god has given us this opportunity because we we just so happen to have after this friday to friday emanating right into this one perfect wedding and i think it would. We'd be we'd make it would be an egregious error on our part i will leave it up the social so. Follow us on at hallmark podcast. Let us know. do you want to watch the. Because they're they're they're ahead. I guess because it's the third one right so you can't just you can't shortchange your short james perfection. That's exactly. I don't think anyone ever never mind. It's on important. One perfect wedding. Airing on saturday april third With keira leaving on an international bookstore in two weeks and bins business expansion keeping him busy the couple decide they won't let work. Amendments postponed their nuptials younger. So they book the clear lake chalet and head back to where their romance begin for a small and timid kovic save wedding. They don't think of it through with family and friends just ten days away. Wow with the help of their best friends. Meghan and sean. Kara and ben feel nothing can stop them from having the perfect wedding. So what's the drama here like. It just sounds like a day for ten days away getting married. We have to watch this. Can we skip it. I don't think that i can use skip. We have a scam. I'm just curious. I'm not cashing in skip on this. There's i i'm not cash. It in i one of the rules of the snow. Do we all skip. Or there's one person's skin all skip we get one all skip and we collectively get one and i feel like this is the perfect time to use it. Because by cancelling this one we cancelled to others. Yeah we get three birds with one stone. What are we gonna do. We'll watch a movie of our choice. I pick one perfect weekend. Might one perfect wedding. You mean no one. Winter weekend is the name of come on man. That's the one i picked where he at. What are the numbers skip it. It's skip it for me. i'm going. I'm a i'm going. One rose who a single solitary rose one rose. I'm going to go i. I don't know this one you know. They're they're all. I will say i'm intrigued. By the fact that we have had two movies and they are throwing together their wedding last so that they don't have to do anything like i will get into bad. We might as well do it now. Sounds like love. And i'm gonna go two and a half feick asus fi guses. That's more like a plane. But i'm playing guy at heart. I mean they still have a leg up on the marrying for christmas title because she's not marrying father christmas in the movie nor is she engaging father christmas that santosh. That's her dat a bad move. But he's kind of like father. Chris because he plays scrooge in the play. No but at the end you get it. What about engaging father christmases. He father christmas. This father christmas the tracing gazing. He's engaging with the with the family in the third one but he's fully in the second one fully but he is he is christmas. The third the transformation it's like jeopardize like when leuchter full jeddah. Yeah yeah yeah complete. Good yes i agree all right. We ready to move on s. as luck would have it as luck would have it. Oh that's i took as luck would have it. We have another one brand is very pumped a safe. Patty steak buckle up. This is This is not seen the preview for this. I tried to go and blind. No you you all the trailers all the time i don't i went in blind on this one. Haven't watching go ahead you haven't gone in. We haven't watched yet. You got along tony. You've gone and blind on this one. I'm like. I don't know what's happening. You've seen this beginning of this tralee also don't know what's happening the trailer for this. Is the trailer rowlands. It's right after the move a bunch of movies. We watch have the same thing as luck would have. It is going to air on saturday. April tenth starring joe on uh swisher. Joe wanna draw one and allen leech okay. Lindsay travels to ireland to acquire land. That is perfect for resort. She decides to enter the towns world renowned matchmaking festival to prove for investment in the community and win over a handsome local filmed on location in ireland. So we did forever my heart. It was that in ireland that was She also runs a hotel chain and goes back but she used to work there s mary. Patterson merrit patterson and that movie was utter trash and ireland going for it. The preview for this movie is virtually silent. And it's just beautiful. He says one line. It looks like an irish spring commercial commercial. I say that's where we get our soap. Yeah so i. I'm gonna give this still most anticipated purely for.

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