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And a positive environment. Check. Check, check and check. And a quote. Right to which I would add check made. Unlike the Steelers and the Packers, the Browns are more than 21 mil under the cap, so they've got space. And they just went to the playoffs. And they came this close to beating Kansas City and booking a spot in the A V C championship game. The Texans when Foreign 12th in puked all over themselves at every single turn. And you know what else This guy would love. J. J. What would love to go to Cleveland because he could join up with Myles Garrett. Remember all those double teams that JJ Watt had to deal with in Houston? I'm guessing they vanished when you've got Myles Kerr playing on the other side. I mean, imagine how scary that would be. Imagine what that pass Rush would look like with these two dudes firing off the line on either side. If I see that, and I'm better off his burger, I'm gonna retire right now. I don't need to put my body on the line twice year against that. Saying this right now. J. J. Watt would not be a good fit in Cleveland. JJ Watt would be a great fit in Cleveland, JJ. What would be a perfect fit in Cleveland? J. J. J. J Listen to me. I know you're getting a lot of feedback. I know you're getting a lot of advice. I know there's a lot of different people in your ear. And I know you didn't ask me for my advice, but I'm gonna give it to you anyway. Go to Cleveland, Go to Cleveland, sign on the line that is dotted and then let's go out and win this whole damn thing together. Yeah. You might, It might be happening. Oh, my God, this might be happening. It should. If this guy wants money and ring, then Cleveland is where he should go. If this guy wants a ring, Cleveland is where he should go. Yeah, I said it, and I mean it and I've been saying it for two years. What's so good about Cleveland? What's so good about Cleveland? There aren't enough hours in the day. Joe. So good about Cleveland, their team, their chemistry, their talent, their culture, their coaching staff, thanks to this city. Who a J. J. J. J B part of America's team. Do it. Go there. 1 806 368686, Let's get a phone call in here. Go, Texas. See what this dude's tripping on today. Johnny in Texas. It's all you Johnny, What's going on? Hey, Jimmy. Hope things are well for you. I'll be quick. A couple weekends ago, I went up to Dallas and I met up with Mark formerly of the 9 to 5. He's in Texas resident now. At the gala, and I was singing for the weekend. She met you at the tour stop in the San Antonio. We're sitting there talking about you in the show and she goes. Jim Rowe. I know Jim Rome. Met him. He's cute. So of course, you know I'm sitting there going great. Anyhow. Props to you, Jim. Hey, Last thing closed, It's really cold. Here in Texas, as you guys know, but get off of us. I mean, seriously, we don't have the infrastructure to handle this kind of cold. Jim. I've been home for three days. Very little food. Worse of worst of all, no alcohol. That sucks. Jim. I hope you guys you're well again. War wells requesting a covert test. Rectally, I'm out. Johnny for you That cost suck..

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