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Right? So We get a look at the replay and 1 FT in I had 1 ft into the of control of the ball. That's the questions right there. He gets it in his arms put down. I think it's Zoe Catch. Let's see. But again. The ruling on the field is an incomplete pass. The end of the half. Adam Hogue will talk to coach Pat Fitzgerald 77 the score here. And the Wildcats with a third in four at their own 44. At the moment unless this play is overturned. And Ramsey can looking like he knows exactly. Anticipation with awareness that kind of really good job. Here comes the call. Thought. We're still waiting is our referee Reggie Smith is Taking a look like crew upstairs. Nice grab, though. My gallant boy. How good has he been so far as had five catches? In both the Wildcat road games against Iowa and Purdue is also run the ball very well. When they love to put him in check motion. They love the bring him across the The back of that formation and He said. He's a great threat. He's got great game speed. He's got great hands, and they're taking a long time looking at this one. They are I again the ruling on the field incomplete. It's go to Adam Home with the winter a sideline report. Well, the interesting thing about this review guys in time, It's gonna be first down, Adam. Excuse me. They're resetting the change. Well, what was interesting is that the control it left was after further review. Receivers, right foot came down inbounds with control of the ball. It is a.

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