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Friends all over the world. This is laura. Bush wife of farmer. Us president of the united states charge. Bush i'm calling in from west texas to support the moms meet world podcast and we are so grateful. Georgina for podcast. That's all about strengthen and home and family because we believe in home family but also believe in west texas and you know it's one thing to live in west texas because you get to say west texas fairly frequently and west texas really say that is really highlights think the west texas accent. So i lack saying west. Texas so discharge. We just say to each other quite often. We'll just say west texas back and forth thinking about how great it is to live in west texas. Say it and mean it so today. The topic is about suffering and shame in her embarrassment and and failure and gratitude for all of it. So that's kind of a big topic. You're gonna want to grab your emotional umbrella. It's going to be a downpour. But when i think about that topic. I think about william shakespeare saying that expectation is the root of all heart ache and also think about song that maybe nail you also have thought about that has to do with the rose garden that certainly not the rose garden that bunny mellon worked on outside the white house. Jackie kennedy now. That rose garden. We're talking about a song that you may remember from the seventies and it goes like this big your pardon. I never promised you. A rose garden along with the sun shan. There's got to be a little rain some time and for sure there's got to be lot of rain in our lives. Maybe not in west. Texas west hicks has lot more sun than maybe sometimes we need but west. Texas isn't the only place on the planet. of course there's lots of rain other places and and there's lots of metaphorical rain that we all need to grow. So let's move right now.

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