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Significant with little impact on the Rosen. An accumulation of an inch or less is possible. Overlooked in all the controversy over Denver's quarterback situation for the Saints game was the contract extension signed by tackle Garrett Bulls over the weekend through the 2024 season. Bulls was asked today if he considered exploring free agency. I hope I was gonna play here my entire career. I love Denver Like I said before. I love the city. I love my teammates. I love really everything about the state of the people here, the people that I've ran in contact with and and helped and they've helped me. I wanted to stay here. This is home to me. Bull says the contract situation is now behind him, and he can focus on being the best left tackle in the game of football and continuing to help the Broncos organization get back on top of the F C West. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 f ound event for exports Traffic Center. No means your issues as you take to the Metro area freeways. It's gonna be a typical drive. You got Won't work that's taking place and that the moments not causing any major problems. So I gotta find speeds normal in 36 between here and colder. Nothing slowing you down to the tech Center on I 25 I 70 across town all going into the high country speeds Normal. C 4 70 84 70. There's nothing interfering with the drive. 60 Lakewood looks good. You make a time Continue Boulevard to and from the airport. Fuck 31 pinpoint whether you could expect them overnight. Lost 26 tomorrow's gonna be cloudy with a chance. Snow high of 40 tomorrow night slower around 26 Currently it's 38. I'm carry out blonde Kaylie news radio life everywhere on the I Heart radio App Ryan and been here excited to tell you.

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