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Coming in at number two the sixteen ants giant gargantuan sandwich from Jimmy Johns how much is that it's got six different kinds of meat and it comes out to two thousand one hundred and ninety calories wait for it seven thousand seven hundred and twenty milligrams of sodium the sixteen inch giant gargantuan sandwich but that's good I love Jimmy John's I've never had that I just get the Turkey Tom keep it simple are coming in at number three these are the list of the least healthy chain restaurant meal in America the new report cheesecake factory's cinnamon roll pancakes some excellent it's just three pancakes that managed to add up to two thousand forty calories now just three pancakes press of over two grand on number four Chile's boss burger it's a burger covered in brisket red meat sausage bacon and cheese ho coming in at a whopping two thousand twenty calories do this story so it's making me a red light on my stomach growling if you work at sonic Jimmy Johns cheese cake factory Chiles you've got the green light to bring that stuff in here the hammering Nigel show were the number one damn afternoon show in the city somebody needs to bring a boss burger in here look at this on the list and I've had bees over the top golf north side the injectable donut hole all baby I've ever but you have have you been the top golf toggles also review direct drive up there you're even if you don't even even if you don't golf it's it's great and they've given us are they was for my wife's birthday that they gave us free injectable donut holes in these donut holes and they come with these giant needles these giant icing and you put this arranging the donut hole and you just simply press down on the syringe and you inject your own icing into the donut holes are so good ha ha one thousand nine hundred seventy calories calories for twenty four holes I don't care what you're eating if you get a needle for icing you're doing it right you are doing it right because a lot of from this from chopper press you in here that please we can take a break real quick but when we come back.

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