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One right it is the jeep right in the C. as the ball game to Tino what's the what's the at bat he had that is fame is that he didn't he didn't swing the bat but he does to give him the wrong girl that's on to the Yankees and getting beaten by when he doesn't have brought Darryl going to die he does as an oriel right right yes when he came back with the Yankees a final year at eight home runs in eight games and call it a career shortly after that yeah man that's good that is very very true I didn't think of that I was thinking about the two two page that look like a striking game one of the ninety eight World Series yeah but if I did mention that I was given by obviously a few ways to hint at him which is a doesn't give it away that is one of the originals you know when you think of the history of John sterling home run calls burn beanie baby bird is number one I think the band Tino's number two could be here I think so all right the final one of the day this guy I'd say is a borderline hall of Famer even though his career is over and he's already off the ballot I had a short stint with the Yankees Gary Sheffield now that's very good guess I figured I'd throw it out there quickly has gotten closer short with the acreage don't think he's borderline hall of fame which had now you just want to get all things all I I know the whole family because all things I know exactly you're talking about you can switch it up yet this guy was a Yankee yep and I remember we actually had a mon right after the Yankees traded form because if I'm not mistaken he was a July trade acquisition and is at the end of his career and I think you're talking about lance Berkman which Bergman has a high drive to left center back is.

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