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And we have a barstools able to provide us a massive audience uh who's gonna love this stuff resembled a hook a sop with stuff was able to get us gas people recommend and stuff left and right barstools awesome this podcast presented by barschel sports we do have on this week as i just mentioned we are this is superintendent week now we've just deemed at superintendent week the yeah we put out the word last week our and we've kinda send an all along but we won as interesting guests we don't wanna have just easier to her pros on all the time we want wanna all across the gulf landscape we want to cover jobs and our guy steve this week he is he's an interesting fellow he is the man um wing foot is i mean it's may be the most iconic us open venue there is we are kind of talking so i was invited alpi couple still lease to wing foot have played both courses now at this point very impressed i mentioned this in the interview with steve but stunned at the vibe at wing foot they got their little kinda bar grill area that sits uh kind of just past the patio uh in the clubhouse which is you know the economy club azerbaijan seen it is a phenomenal seen everybody knows everybody arrays having drinks there the nicest people in the world which she ever know where you go where these places are going to be stuffy shirt is it gonna be i waas spee they're gonna be i go who are these wing foot is a blast have had an unbelievable table times i was there maids who connections met a bunch of people there like you got to have our guy are superintendent steve rabah on he's the man he's obviously he's big patriots fans of ios borsellino's we've are still got into a little bit he was that fog the fog game last night's we got into that a little bit i talked about fog ate a little bit we get into trees no was hit this.

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