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D three immeasurable the gluscevic prefer song drugs and george michael's freedom nardi and a man named breach perfect three the original soundtrack available now what's going on it's bathani don't you just love december in new york there's lots of fun events going on lots of shopping that's why i love my chevy tracks 'cause i'm going to enjoy a ball all tracks is a city smart suvs you can navigate through the city to get all of your holiday parties everything you need to do plus it has enough room to carry all of my holiday gifts so why not at a new vehicle to your holiday was this season now is a great time to check out my tracy chevy friends they have some really great offers going on now through the end of the year visit chevy offers dot com and fall in love with a chevy like i did searching for the perfect christmas soundtrack we've got you covered mumber radio easy your for christmas music with our most popular station of the season i hard christmas radio one hundred percent christmas favorites commercial free alana la la most wonderful time of the year deserves the best music still it i heard christmas radio b they sound track to all of your holiday tradition through all your favorite music all your favorite stations all free hi i'm pj vote and i'm alex goldman and we hope to show called her pile it's about the internet is about the internet don't you think so is serve at the internet we didn't episode where we took tiny amount of lsd before worked sealed improve our job performance we didn't episode where we talk to this guy who says he's in jail for murder that he didn't commit we did profile of this woman who says that she is secretly training rats to start enviro videos as part of a plot to change the world but they all touch the internet and illinois anyway if a good show for people that like surprising funny true stories listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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