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Like your wounded the visual system one billion connections. How does it ever organize itself. And then you think okay. Let's do a study what we look. Let's look at some of the actively. Now nobody's ever going to ask for. That is an episode because they don't understand exists. But what you do is you take the same example. Say food shows the guy harrison street market in the middle of no way in the middle of the country. You calling pronounce. And it's amazing and i'm going to show it to you and you wouldn't but i'm head shirt and that's almost exactly what i am going to traveling food. Neuroscience shot this. Welcome to pop up. Each day with david mendez the podcast where we explore careers in life after grad school with guests who have walked road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place. In the world of constantly evolving rules get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of the phd. And now without further ado let some pride into my conversation with wilf nelson high. I am with nelson. I am a phd research at the center for human brain health at the university of birmingham in the uk england. I'm in the center of england. Nee robin hood nottingham. That's kind of a model of our where i live for. Anybody who doesn't have a great knowledge of english trophy. I am research in multi. System regulation ambition. You'll brain is not always active. it's likes to inhibit and regulate areas that it's not using or does the need to use and i work a lot on the mechanics of how that works. I'm civic specifically. My phd has taking some of debase findings. That were really important. At the beginning of my phd. You know the papers you get given on week one day one untold read. I'm then we've taken some of those because they're in quite controlled artificial settings to try and tease out. What it's a fat looks like. And we've been applying to more and ecologically valid or realistic scenarios. So that's the general spiel of me as a researcher. I also run a neurosurgeon shown. Which i've been growing the last couple of years. I'm we'll talk a bit about that. Because it kind of translates about where i shifted and my interesting perspective. I had containment that tend to send it quite like apparently. Yeah actually. that's something. I really really want to talk about because you know doing that. Whilst you're you're leading your pc research and you're working towards your degree and i am really curious to to hear and we'll talk about it during our conversation to hear about how you're fitting that into your you know onto into your routine. How also echoes. That is having in your experience as a pt researcher so super super interesting the end and happy to have you on pop each d- And you haven't mentioned it yet. But the podcast that you run is called watercooler neuroscience and you actually small vacation network. I run multiple shows. That's going to say. Also we became a network. Wants i now did is full time. We have think fast. So if you wanna fifteen minute episode week and you don't have time to listen to a whole hour long discussion between me and guest. You can pu- think fast and we take. What was the most popular. Paul which is the current research section of my show and we made that into its own show with people around the world. I wanna talk to so yeah. I became a network which was really cool to get doing. Because i guess i guess we'll talk about it. So one of the things that shifted from my phd to my running around the business. Vote on and i am writing up my dissertation. I thinking candidates cooled only station in the uk. Uk's called right here. I don't know what the recipe times off the rest of the world i started. I'm literally the agreement on my contract. So i have a contract for my phd as many people do and it says i cannot work another full time job alongside. My page state and my supervisor was very supportive. I'm sued public engagement with some thing that i was good at and he told me literally. You are good at this. Go dude s. which is a nice endorsement. But i couldn't do it thirty forty hours a week going to get people so i do it slowly. I was only allowed. I was actually a wednesday afternoons. And if he told me. I had to do something. I had to do it. That was the agreement. I'm not fine. That was i was doing a fulltime must supervise and he's taken responsibility to get me fruit and he's done really well. It looks like struck a balance. Right of okay. There's something that's urgent on the research side. You put you put the project. You're you know the podcast on the back burner. Take care of that and then come back. It looks really really interesting. It's great that your your your supervisor had that flexibility and also identified that this is something he's good at question do does Does your lab or did digital app see some echoes of of the work. That you're doing too because if you were talking about research may be you. Were talking about your research. i'm not. I'm not certain because i haven't heard all the episodes now. What was your was your. No there was nothing related to your research. Now because as we were building upon my experiments we had one that went to rome and nocco presented at the human brain. Mapping conference in romans. Already nice reception people. Rave i'm inhibition and regulation work particularly. How do is quite rare piece of work and we are in these field. And i like working in each field but we on a huge mainstream top pick like mirror neurons or looking at functional connectivity for those you know what. Those topics are in neuro science. So why i was doing it. We were still building up. And we still actually have over half of my phd writing up and getting ready for publication. So one of the rules to hugh if anybody here is neurons. Wants to come on my show once getting contact please do. I'm very friendly. You have to be one. Peer reviewed neuroscientist in a lab industry or university. But you have got to be in. A professional laboratory worked in one way. You are reviewed. I'm the is will only talk about published work talk about what is impress all talk about what has been going over but win the case of mind where we're still looking how that answers to our analysis and master these feed into each of us. Sometimes we'll look at something and find something very interesting. It will re map. How will we think about all hypotheses hypothesis and that means we go back and we did melissa. So it's a very interesting process. And every time we think close to finishing one the over experiment feed into inside is known in. Are you need to go back and look this new concept this new failures we're building and that happens in niche because you are normally the pioneering in your own sub-field so you don't really read into the paper and go. Oh this is really interesting now. There are other people who do what we do specifically me trying to drill these fairies into the real world make them ecologically valid. There are many people doing now and because of that we couldn't devote because we're still working on it so i'm actually planning at some point to do an episode on me. I might even try and dry supervise into recording me. But i don't know if you'll be comfortable doing now and talk about it but that's nelson and also i. I've said the fav- my favorite part of this job and it is a job but nothing. I think actually talk about that. It's a business and his ruin like a business. Is i get to help my most interesting conversations of the year from running the show. Of course. I got to treat about this with john dylan haynes who is a hero of mine i.

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