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Thirty three in two thousand and eight. He made a pick six to beat dallas. Like this is the kind of player. Joe haden. Ken be is much better players into shea. Townsend ever was right joe. Hayden is like you play them starting quarterback until he can't play that in and then when he can't play that anymore you put him in the slot and there you go. He plays that for a bit and then use done you. You keep him because he can do that. Similar to how hines ward went out in his old age you know like he he can still get it done Joe haden doesn't depend on his speed. He's guy. I only say he has not the old man savvy he knows how to get away with fouling people without getting caught. You will see him hold people and it doesn't look like he's doing anything but you you get a close up and he's got like their jersey like death grip on it. He's holding he's just like no. You're not going there like what the rest like unseating thing. Joe haines do like joe. Haden get it done. He's fantastic leader fantastic guy. Everyone loves him and when he goes and he he needs to. Pittsburgh steelers jersey for people that don't think hayden's hall of famer. I feel like his contract. Extension will probably look for something like three more years. Get him to fifteen years for a corner to be good for that long. Like to think of the great corners of the last twenty years like durell rivas the first one that pops mind what was his. What was his top like four years. He was unbelievable for four years. Richard sherman five and a half maybe when olson done. He'll have fifteen years and from the way he's played. It'll be fifteen solid years that that's one of the reasons why he'll have a shot. Also he's joe. Money for reason This next contract will make him. The highest paid defensive back in the history of football for career earnings. Expect this guy to be making a really debilitating salary cap number. We'll be surprised if you took a pay cut as well. Do you think you'd be making the same amount of money is now. I don't believe he will. I don't actually think he he will. I think i even think with this statement. He's kind of having the steelers bit of leverage on that contract. Say hey i know what you want to retire steeler. You're going to have to do something for us. You know you've made you've made your million dollars. You made your money. Yeah how to be a rookie that year before that That railway cb cba came down. Oh man that must sting for that rookie class the next year. I can't remember what it's switched over like twenty eleven. Maybe but what what. It just kicked to the wallet. We've gone from a top ten. Pick making one hundred million dollars to like thirty still a lot of money. I would love million dollars but still. That's a considerable drop off. But joe haden yeah he contract to hopefully soon to be completed like honestly i think we can probably get him five or six year that low and that would be phenomenal. It can't get along with that and the salary caps going to grow exponentially each and every year from here on out this year stadiums will be full again. The revenues up these new tv deals. I'd be shot. I know. I know the league set the cap at two hundred eight million dollars as a as the ceiling for this hour of next year. It's gotta hit that. I'd be stunned then. I really would be stunned. So five million dollars for gallon johann. Yes sign me up. I know we're rapidly approaching the top the hour here so two things down for the show. I'm gonna throw some of the competitions in training camp thus far. And i want you to give me who you think is the kind of clubhouse leader here for first and foremost the backup quarterback spot. Who would you say at this. Point is a qb to in pittsburgh mason. Rudolph is is number three. The dwayne askins or is nice football. Okay could only. I expect it to stay that way. Through the end of the season. I think they have more of a longterm plan for haskins than a you know. Get him go in this season kind of thing. Plus that are af- year. That's the steelers. Get them for as well. He's gonna cost peanuts next year so he'll be back just before we move onto the next guy. Josh dobbs could the steelers hang on a four. Could it be that vet practice squad edition and just hope. It doesn't poached. i don't think so. We'll really wow around sort of buddies as one of the things. They like him. So i bring him into camp. Give them a shot. Let him show himself. He nobody else's picking them up like let let him do something. Let him show that. There's no reason for them to in you know another devlin hodges type guy. they've got the depth. They need right. Gotcha now these other ones. We can go through a little bit faster here. Because i think there is a lot of spots still up in the air inside linebacker number three. I think it's gonna end up. Marcus allen really numbers don't like it Yeah but in gilbert ends up playing himself into the doghouse he always looks flashes and then other things he just doesn't have it so i think i think that will go. Probably yeah for me. I look at. I think the steelers are gonna go rookie heavy this year. I think buddy. Johnson ends up as the third inside linebacker. That's my opinion would be nice. It would be nice We certainly need it nickel corner. I think they're not going to do what i think they should do. But i what. I what i think will happen is probably millette. I think you're the arthur take that over. I've not sold on antoine brooks yet. He is he has some liabilities. People thought mike helton wasn't good coverage mike. He'll a lot better coverage than what we're going to get from from a antoine brooks junior. Kiss a fun one. Hopefully jeff hartman's tuned in hunter. Do we have to punters. Who's the other guy hill. Envy press see this year. I tell you why. I'm pressed on presley. Harvard not to put the cart before the horse. But a pressing hard makes this team. If steeler nation doesn't make him the pro bowl punter. I will be so disappointed in you. I'll be leading that charge pressing her own all the times all the votes. Who's the defensive lineman that's getting cut. Ooh that's a harsh one of. It's it's a tough question. We've talked about it all off season long. I'm sticking with bugs. That's someone's kinda like jumped at me for saying that. But i still think it's going to be isaiah buds. He took that stupid penalty he does those boneheaded things all the time like i think that some baccalaureate mondo still play special teams carlos davis looks good monday motto was also the first guy in art. It was him in a. What's his face. Chris warmly. Yes yes and louder mic. Looks good yet. I gotta feeling it's and you know what i wouldn't shed a tear i think i think they're smarter Like football iq on that defensive line. And that's that's the way i go about it. I'm really kind of lost one. I know andrew. Wilbur threw it in the live. Chat their butts a wide receiver five slash kick returner punt return. I think all things relative there rarely mcleod's and take any kicks. I know he's still listed as the returner but could matthew sexton be the guy. Could someone else be there. I know abuse. He's been turning some heads. Gosh there's the other receiver whose name is blanking knee right now. But the steelers kept kept him around off. Johnson yes. Recovered recovered a fumble. He did that was a beautiful recovery. To as those those make a mark. Man those make mark roberts bylanes stuck around May that's a tough one. I would love. I'm gonna probably go with sexton. I think you'll shot to.

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