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Come with CarPlay install. This morning, double DT will be car guy Mike pyrrhus on whether most carmakers are on board with this. Apple and the Android version are basically an all new cars now, Toyota was one of the last manufacturers to kind of jump on the bandwagon to get in there. A lot of that due to some concerns about where the data is being seen and stuff, but they're finally in there now. And so yeah, it's very much expanded and it's the capability, even in the new Jeep, I'm just driving is a lot more than it was just a couple of months ago. So this may be marketing spin, but apple also says 8 out of ten buyers would only buy a car if it's a parts car plays that true mic? I think if you're under 50 yes, it's probably going to be something that's very important to you because you're pretty much on the phone 24/7 and what's better way to take it to the last place where you really couldn't use it is in the car because you can use it and never have to look at that with the phone, you're using your voice to do a lot of the transactions that you want to do. So yeah, it's very nice to have. But if you're over 50, you probably don't really care about it. You might have a smartphone, you just don't necessarily care about integrating it that extensively. We know some carmakers are much better than others when it comes to navigation maps and graphics. Do you think it's a good thing to have your iPhone take over your car's dashboard and display in this way? Yeah, some manufacturers you have to update your maps. You have to go to the dealership update your maps, get a new DVD, it costs money, where this is pretty much always updating. And it's with the cost of your phone and you're not paying anymore after that. Okay, Mike, double question, number one, what if you don't use an iPhone and two, what are the privacy issues involved here? Well, the privacy issues are could be a lot and manufacturers are not willing to share all this information. They get between you the consumer and between the manufacturer and with the expanded capabilities of the new app, they're going to have to see this. So it's almost like a third party is going to see a lot of the information, say you put a navigation to go home, you go to the store, it's going to see that. It's going to know that. And Android also is maybe not quite as up to date, but it's pretty close. And so if you have an Android phone, you use the Android auto and you're pretty much almost the same capabilities you get with the Apple. Now, we know you don't get on your smartphone very often without being asked to buy something, look at something, everything is monetized. So I can't help but think that little trip to school to pick up your kids, sponsored by AT&T or Dick's Sporting Goods or something. I mean, is that where we're headed? I think that would not be hard to see in the future, especially for expanded revenue. And the manufacturers are going to be kind of put out of the way with their systems with Apple and Android kind of taking over all the stuff that they used to do. Talking with Hillary and Dmitri, that's double DTO P car guy, Mike parris, find his car reviews at our website and click away every Monday. You are listening to one O 3.5 FM

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