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Filling in for Rush Limbaugh ladies and gentlemen mark Hey sign I know yes I said to I said if rush wasn't back today you could Thoman feather may be selling my body cuts on the internet he has he has the flu he has come down with the flu and says so he is not here today and it is a busy news day so you know that rushes champing at the bit and wishing he could be Hey because there's lots of lots of stuff happened in the the China trade deal is just been signed at the White House the impeachment manages then the equivalent of the prosecutors in any normal trial the the equivalent of the county attorney old the U. S. attorney in a federal case and they have just been announced by Nancy Pelosi and that the usual things Nadler chef hacking Jeffrey is soapy Lofgren's Sylvia Garcia Jason crow this few there were thirteen house managers last time and we're going to but what we're actually gonna talk later this hour to Steve showboats who was one of the house and he is a congressman from Ohio and he was one of the house impeachment managers in the last impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and I was at that trial on I was so sick in my head over the Senate press gallery and looking down at a missed a show about and the alpha impeachment manages twenty years ago and I'm interested just to refresh my memory on how this thing is going to guide the trial starts on Tuesday which means that Bernie Sanders is not gonna man I always not going to be in New Hampshire he's going to be sitting at the back of the Senate chamber with the ninety nine other guys pretending to be interested in Ukrainian find coal and so is any clover show and so is Elizabeth Warren effectively the entire democratic primary is going to be put on hold for this thing because that candidate sauce so defective that they have concluded that they are better to supply them and suppress them and run this candidate I am impeachment that is going to get that base all riled up I don't think that's actually going to work I don't think for example the bunny guys then god and then they could care less about impeachment they want socialism if you want socialism if if you want a universal one pair single payer healthcare if you want open borders if you want all the things the a OC and Bonnie and the rest them on impeaching trump is a big deal on a route to you here are gonna be following these are going to be disastrous ratings for the people covering this impeachment trial this because there's nothing happening the last time why would people interested last time is it was Monica Lewinski it was C. gods it was delivering pizza after rows in the oval office it's about Bill Clinton multi tasking by taking a telephone pole above the waist from Yasser Arafat well below the waist Monica is getting into these getting in a little face time with Monica so that that is that that is why people watched it last time this time round this time round a you're gonna be a you've you've got some overwrought former ambassador to Ukraine you've got this this isn't this is going to go well his his parents his how it's gonna run the prosecution will make its case is shift from Madeline all those guys then you'll have the president's lawyers pushing back now they'll consume a week the the the shift side the shift manager side will take up a week because it's a fing case and the only way you can make a fitting case seem fica is by making it Florida by stretching it out so they'll be going into my new she I because my new she eyes all they've got no be taking a week and as we saw earlier Nadler isn't actually good at this not isn't any good at this so the is Nancy Pelosi had to step in and interrupt Mandla and say the president is impeached now and forever she keeps using that line and they're gonna be taking up a week before it so then will be a week out from Iowa and that's when the defense makes its case and then after that they have this weird thing west sentences are allowed to us questions but they are us them in writing I talked about this yesterday when I was talked about Ted Kennedy scum on being a page to come in the justice foot stool they write their questions down they hand them to the page the page takes them up to the Chief Justice and the Chief Justice then reads them out and that'll take another week and then at some point or other people with the the move to dismiss or move to hear witnesses and then last time around because they didn't want to hair the the witness question is really interesting this time last time around they didn't want to hear the witnesses because they knew what the witnesses would say Monica Lewinski would be talking about things like completion as can stock hold it in the word from the Starr report I'm Kathleen Willey I would be talking about how she went to see the president to be consoled by him on the loss of her husband and instead he groped her breasts that's why they didn't want that's why they don't work kind of Kathleen Willey on the floor of the United States senator would be beneath the dignity of this August body I yes you and I miss said Mrs really has quite an August body by herself but it's not as old dust ability as the United States Senate so we couldn't possibly have from her it would be evenly so dignity of this August body so the August body didn't want to hear from Kathleen Willey and Monica look because they knew what they were gonna say they don't so they agreed to take testimony from Monaco in a couple of others in private in deposition as a said just down my hotel room call it over the Mayflower hotel in Washington is completely different head Joan bowl to if they have witnesses off to the fuss that the Democrats are made the witnesses are gonna have to appear in the chamber and testify live with cross examination line and that's gonna be incredibly different for some it's gonna means it's gonna take longer is he did it in real time and secondly they don't know what these women that they knew what Kathleen Willey would say they knew a Monica Lewinski would say nobody knows what John Bolton is gonna say and then you can have him on the witness stand for three days and he might say something interesting five and a half and I was in on the first day that might conceivably be valuable to the case that Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler building we don't know who that so normally how you would conduct a trial where you have no idea what a witness is going to say on the other hand Hey if they call hunter Biden hunter Biden is going to be a disaster for Joe Biden from the minute is on the stand stand he's a repellent fellow he's AECOM to ease says so in full to his appetites the Tom Lorenzo rental car without leaving a trace he's he's a man with no challenge yet he's been lavishly remunerated in a has a multi million dollar home in Beverly hills there is nothing about hunter Biden's so cold a rare all life that can withstand ten minutes on the witness stand and that says that means that if it goes to witnesses and the witnesses run into super Tuesday who knows what's going to happen to this Democrat Democrat primary season anyway we will we will break that old and for you and we will be talking with Steve sure about about that just a little later in this this out we had a cold alone I think Charlotte North Carolina Caroline and she was good because I'd said rush was going to be back to that if he wasn't you can stop and fed the may and she said she wanted to it too now when that would be happening on the data can well it's it's like it's like seeking an upgrade from United are you always going to be you never quite the can't agree an eight so you.

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