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This case. But i'm gonna go ahead and play part one which entails the gabby petito case. Okay brittany. Ed welcome back. I know that you've been looking forward to this for awhile. Actually yes as we sudden loss episode will last couple. I guess So britney wanted to interview me. I think it'd be a really great chance for everyone to get to know me to the show of the reason for founding and starting this podcast just as a whole so britney came up with the idea that i eat rancid things. Excuse me no. Let's back it up here. I simply stated a question in our patriot group. If you're a patriot on you can join this group. You have to be a paying supporter of the show. I just said hey guys like in theory. What snacks would you like. Need order for robin during this interview and guys you did not disappoint. Thank you so much for all of your help finding this stuff. I'm absolutely going to ask you. Who sent what or who recommended. Which one and i will hunt you down on my name's but like this was a team effort and like i felt a sense of community and i just want to thank everyone for their help in finding these delicacies from amazon. So i'm super excited for robin to enjoy these treats but before we get into her interview and digging into these snacks. it's ethic. there's another case. We need to talk about so big. Thank you to patron shauna. S for actually bringing this case to my attention showed up east idaho news multiple other outlets and this case there so many questions breeding our previously. Just discussing this evening and and she even brought up more questions. I would like to talk about the case of gabby petito and brian laundry. I guess the other reason. This is probably making national news. Is that. it's touched some different states. It has so gaby. Petito and brian laundry were a couple. They just started a blog. A website for hashtag van life where they live full time in a van and travel the country. You know take beautiful photographs and instagram worthy outings and whatnot while living. This said van life. She and her boyfriend were out traveling. They went through utah other on their way to wyoming and he about two weeks later returned home to florida with the van. Without gabby he immediately lawyered up and he has refused to talk to anyone and gabby has not been found. Okay let's rewind that a little bit so they're just barely dating or so gaby and brian actually met in high school and bayport new york. They were basically middle school sweethearts like they dated when they were weekends. They're classmates they get in high school. They broke up and they eventually got back together and back in two thousand nineteen at march gabby ended up moving down to florida and with ryan has parents in north port florida so they worked at publix together. They rekindled that romance and then last year in july. Brian actually proposed to gabby she said yes. According to her mother they actually immediately decided that it was too fast. They're too young to get married and so they actually called their engagement off. I see a lot of outlets reporting that he was her fiance and apparently that is actually currently not the case so they decided to after calling off this engagement they decided to go on this camper van trip yup they will gabby actually purchased a white two thousand twelve transit van and one and they actually together restored it and created their own little like what small home small van..

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