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I'm not a doctor. I don't know. That certainly I don't think he got the wind knocked out of him right? And we saw him in the sling and you think about what was the Garoppolo injury from landing on his shoulders at the AC joint right he's joined. That's what I have heard. I don't have a confirmed but it looks like an AC joint type of injury. I mean the tape. If it's not AC joints a broken collarbone. Right. Right. And either way he's going to miss time. So now the Patriots have a tough decision to make because you can't there's guys where they're going to want to keep them initially to move them to IR. We've talked about them potentially if they need to do that with folk. Maybe doing that upfront defensively guys who are late coming off the UP chase. Winovich perhaps but you can you can only do that with so many players right? And okay so with Nikhil Harry he showed all his promise but it's you know it's one summer how much weight are you putting on that? Are you willing to sacrifice a 53 man roster spot to make sure you get him to eligible to return IR? Do they I arm right now? Do they outright arm right now? And just say you know what we'll revisit next year and some it depends what the injury is. If you can't play this year he can't play this year. The IRM right now. But you know do they just keep them on the team and hope he can be ready? And I you know this is wildly throwing crap against the wall. I don't know because we don't know what the injury is so it's impossible to say. But right. Whatever the decision unless the doctor say yeah he's done for a year and you eye arm right now anything outside of that and that's not what you want. Obviously you don't want him to be out for the year. But you know whatever they do it's gonna be a tough decision. It's gonna be a hard decision. And you feel for the guy because you know everybody I know I didn't sound like I wanted him to succeed at times. I know people thought I hate him everybody wants him to succeed. He would have been great story. It would have been great and you know he's not an a hole. He's an easy enough guy to root for. And it just he was right there on the verge. He was right there on the verge..

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