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And Malachi Gregory and that Nelson New Zealand I understand that Malachi who's eight almost nine years old now was suffering with not just one or two warts but I mean a significant outbreak of warts all over his body so significant it impacted his ability to to really function and so at what point did you see that there is actually improvement is really going to work what we really start to notice at around twelve weeks you can see these things actually getting smaller and smaller and then you're going down to the without just little red marks the whole things gone and that's just plain Regulus descended into a pair of shoes yes how wonderful it's great to see him so happy and confident friends of saying that is blown away by this is awesome yeah this is awesome Richard Ostrow here call one eight six six eight three six eight so one three five or visit C. A. R. and I'd be all eight dot com call now news radio WFLA and we'll go back to coast to coast George nori with you along with doctor Charles Shimon he'll be with us taking calls next hour this is a outrageous percent of ninety percent of all school shooters on some kind of psychotropic prescription medicine what does that tell you doctor problem one of every five people in this country are taking psychiatric medications to the tune of three hundred billion dollars a year that's a big market that's a big market to protect ninety percent of these school shooters have been shown to protect a to have been taking these.

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