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Of palm trees obviously in south florida southwest florida i'll coconut just fell from one of these from what are these coconut trees and those things are are are like many boulders and those policies that is called a trees are so tall that when they come down i mean they're they're they're they're you know fifteen feet in the air it could knock you out of it hit you in the right place i it it it people taking the warning seriously though to stay off the streets in to avoid all this flying debris i mean most people are off the streets serum but we did see some cars as we were driving here towards the water there there's a lot of people that are in this apartment complex that are out in the lobby their outsi taking pictures i mean right now it's not incredibly dangerous it's very windy i we recommend you go out but if you want to come out and take pictures i dunno for these and a half and to you if you're under an awning but it's getting worse and worse by the minute i mean as ormoc sort of inches off the west coast of florida it's getting stronger and stronger and you know we're we're still very far away i mean we're we're at 45 mile per hour wind gusts were gonna be at more than one hundred mph sustained wins so we're still about six or seven hours from that point so far so it's a waiting game right now that dangerous part about all this is that the strongest part of the storm is gonna hit once son falls and when the sun is down and these dangerous winter coming that makes everything so much more complicated her long road ahead for the people of fort myers where abc's tom llamas is tom thank stay well stay safe tell big where they to your brain to to keep his head down to as you write it out on the west coast the gulf coast of florida the entire state is within striking distance of hurricane erba because it is just so big four hundred miles wide and the the.

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