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One was a woman in her seventies who died in hospice care the other a woman in her eighties a fourth San Antonio police officers tested positive for the corona virus the officers a sergeant and served the department for twenty four years he's now recovering at home the department says he came into contact with one individual at the workplace and that individual is now on a fourteen day quarantine a second grocery store employee in San Antonio was tested positive for the corona virus they were to the H. E. B. close to Grissom and hassle is on the far west side H. E. B. as the employee has not been at the store since Sunday and those who I contact have been notified and the first positive test in H. two B. was at the store in your sixteen oh four in van der up I'll be a trans it's making some more changes that may affect your transportation around San Antonio via is implementing a sixteen passenger maximum and if more people are waiting at that particular bus stop an extra bus will come and pick them up he is also encouraging passengers to wear face covers and is reminding people of the limited Saturday schedule that's under way after a second via bus driver tested positive for coke but nineteen Meghan bishop newsradio twelve hundred W. away I more people are working at home thanks to the corona virus that means they have the TV and computer on when normally there turned off a Paul gold Williams who had CPS energy says the demand on the power grid has not changed because maybe we should mall or consumption to the residence and I we couldn't last I'm businesses as he says the CPS energy call center has been busy there with people who cannot pay their bills because they lost their job they're doing they're not doing any disconnections during the pandemic instead they're working to set up payment plans of the U. S. at a record yesterday with the most corona virus deaths after more than eighteen hundred people died so far there have been around four hundred one thousand confirmed cases of the virus in the United States and almost thirteen thousand deaths and this is the Chinese city of Wuhan where the outbreak originated has finally ended eleven weeks of lock down and the passage of mine to be the democratic nominee for president clear after senator Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign today Sanders thank supporters and said he's proud he was able to bypass a corrupt campaign finance system to fund his campaign from one the corona virus to go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm Kerry Logi news radio twelve hundred W. away I your.

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