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This has the sound of dion t molecule as it travels through your body opening new to the knowledge that you seek. It's also the sound of sheep and bliss wandering this universe and the concept of sander as you play a lead role created by these states of being full of the pew and take a seat. This is a podcast of all touch. And all you see the guests are everything between enjoy the ride. Enjoy the duality of each state of being and the very thin line between each all right guys. Welcome to pull up a pew. Podcast will save everybody from the super. Long intro goes on for almost another minute this pull up a pupae. Cast a please. If you're listening to this right now please hit the five stars for us so that we can readily be visible to people on apple and anywhere else that you get your podcast from I think that opening actually is is perfect for our discussion today. We're going to be speaking with the author of d. m. t. and my call mine too. We have of course interviewed the author. Dick bitcon about his first book of the same name and we welcome him today to discuss partout and his investigation into a realities using the spirit molecule or d-. Emt so deck. Welcome how are you. I'm good thank you true. It's absolutely great to be here. So thank you for having me on the show yeah. I'm broke very happy to have you on so just tell the listeners. A little bit about yourself. And maybe about the book. And i'd say it's lay out because it is a bit different than a regular novel. I call this may be a little bit more like a diary or notations on the investigation into yet. Okay so just quick about myself. Five magister regular guy. I see myself as just a regular guy. Oh a working. Plus guy from the north of england you know on a me. Malay- fourteen a hapless narita got to fantastic boys and several years ago..

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