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Alexander Hamilton Bridge, Bronx, New York discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


May through early June on its flights Michelle Franzen ABC news some help for CUNY students amid the pandemic we'll have that coming up wins news time eleven thirty traffic and transit here's Karen story well this delay on the westbound cross Bronx is pretty significant right now into the Alexander Hamilton bridge and that's because construction of the bridge with a couple of things down now the cross Bronx west is not moving at all now all the way back to White Plains road the northbound Deegan is having a hard time getting on the cross Bronx west for that obvious reason and the delays go down to the high bridge section of the Bronx right now then we got delays that are bumper to bumper on the south on Harlem river drive past the R. F. K. those delays start in the mid one forties now in New Jersey lots of local traffic is now starting to become significant especially around covert nineteen set up that we've got in Paramus Wayne unions the caucus New York and home gel so just if you're not headed there anticipate the local traffic volume in Brooklyn Linden Boulevard to Flatbush Avenue start to pick up some local volume of people just running their important errands so we've got alternate side parking affect excuse me it suspended in the city but the meter rules are in effect if you don't pay the meters it's almost guaranteed that you will get a ticket again alternate side parking suspended traffic sponsored by remax whether you're buying or selling downsizing or expanding relocating vacationing rematch agents have the tools to help you go from sale sold it's by no one sells more homes don't worry they've.

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Alexander Hamilton Bridge, Bronx, New York discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News

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