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Listening. Are you ready for the stats on this? Yeah. Two hundred calories. Five grams of fat five grams of fiber twenty eight grams of protein, I wish that bowl were filled. A little more though. Yeah. I mean, look like someone took a bite out of it already. It does. But for two hundred calories. I mean think about it that that's you know, that's really low especially with pesto creamy pesto sauce. It doesn't look like it's heavy in the pesto. It's not a lot of sauce. For effort. I like it. It's good. I like it too. But it tastes like you would expect it to taste. I'm going to say this back in the day. When we first started writing about frozen meals. There was hardly any protein. These like trick. Everybody. Put a lot of rice was pasta noodles. Exactly. This has a lot of chicken. So I like that. But it does it also tastes a little like throwback meal, but those tastes a little fresh. Don't you think like a little fresher than the other ones we've had fresher than the fresher than the last one. Maybe maybe fresh within the Stouffer. I don't know like the Frontera is like you're eating at a restaurant Thursday number one. So for for I think the that eggplant parm from cedar lane is also highly ranking, I agree I'm saving chunk of it. Okay. All right. Next up. We have lean cuisine. I knew it was bound to happen link in comfort roasted Turkey breast made with tender white meat Turkey with no artificial flavors. I love that people are just doing the no artificial flavors. Does that God's about throwback? Oh, I got it has the hot apple dessert. This is crazy. Okay. This actually has I feel like it's like nineteen Eighty-four. It has a little apples. Also on. It's crazy. First of all is they're stuffing is this like a roaster, Jamie. Does this up stuff in Avery? Herb dressing that stuffing in other people's worlds. That's exactly what that okay. This whole thing has only two hundred ninety calories four grams of fat only, grandma fiber. But that's because it's mostly protein. It's basically thanksgiving dinner right protein. I love this. I have to be honest. I feel like I'm ten years old Mike is spooning so much of it onto his plate. There's barely any less. All right. This is the greatest I love this. I love everything about this is comfort food at his finest. And I like mixing the apples in with the Turkey and stuffing. Really good. I this a+. Golden cuisine. I'm just so proud of these companies for like not relying on the noodles and rice like giving us, you know, one of them had potatoes. But a lot of these don't have any starches. Who needs starches that was so good? The apples are so good gone. That's the best thing to me. That's like my favorite one. I dunno. I love I love the eggplant. I love the frontier chicken, and I love this link cuisine comfort roasted Turkey, I would buy this. I would keep in a miles. Yummy. Yummy. Oh, wow. That was what a way to end the show. That was incredible three of our five were like really top ranking. We're really happy with. Yeah. We're gonna put all the information and all of our ratings up on our show page, which is at hungry dish girl dot com slash food cast and you'll find it all there as well. As everything else you need to know. But today was really successful. I think supermarket shopping is something that people stress about hopefully, we are giving people in ways that they will not feel stressed about being at the supermarket, and they will just have fun shopping like Mike does every week. He loves shopping and thanks for calling in with your questions. If you have questions that you want to ask about anything in the future or. Or anything that you have whether pertains to an upcoming episode or not we just want to hear from you.

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