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My hair my head was twenty feet up the most direct hair it was all backing out an rose reliving an advocate of course in my head while where we're looking at a picture of richard lewis from lugo yeah you had a series mullet on that closed by government the deal wider dina parade here in the marshall also low you were friends who everyone wanted you guys telling keep it on the screen my testicles are getting lower by the men but we are going to ask me for people to remember the show is one of those shows where if you like the you guys were obviously heading towards romance but the three feeling all we had to actually writing faxing the produces i have to sleep whether i'm leaving the show i was out of my mind may i somehow got through the show and but no i was grades they only put out half the show's on dvd to shame because it was a decent show it was it was you know and it was a first leg and then there was a lot of shows after that i mean i was the first like you know sort of like you know neurotic jewish guide avocados sex symbol you know maybe they said that the the war the the country needed at least two years to prepare i was therefore play a when we first had a love soon bed she was tragically naked she was juice hilarious she's in a good buddy mine yeah we didn't have anything on honore thing but we we just friends but i i looked under the covers went home jamie why why a and i was afraid i was you know i'm a third of a method actor i think there's noted that that if i would have gotten an erection everything would have been no with no tmz it would have immediately been born life i'm howard eleven corruption on this that now i have.

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