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I certainly know that it's a chain in los angeles. I'm actually not actually sure like how widespread they are but they're like a bucci high end like very l._a. Type of <hes> chain but they're supposed to be very healthy so yeah. Let's let's destroy these bad boys. I've gotten the citrus too and and they do like the little like lemon cayenne shots. I had those wellness shots and it feels like a dragon spin into my my mouth so i couldn't even believe it is spicy. I remember screen one. It is like a putrid green color the sitters to yeah. This guy mopped up at the del taco. These are some of the favorites thank you. The menu is. Why do you know is del taco. Just okay west coast chain because you song and i were saying i haven't seen any in the midwest and hasn't seen any on the east coast. I don't know exactly what their territory is but they they are the the they're in the top five. I think they're the fifth largest of the mexican chain restaurants in the u._s. And i think they are largely confined to west of the mississippi. They tried to expand other places. Nazran really worked out so for green juice. This one is not bad. It's not bad. I'm still grassy greening tastes but it's it's a little bit sweet. I think for me stuff like this is so much better. Cold makes it drinkable which this is like something like this at a lukewarm temperature. I truly truly could not stomach. I don't think that's too controversial but i just this is so much easier to drink knowing that it's called i think like some of the this one holds your hand and because it has like sweet things in there like apple and and i guess lemon but like somebody other green juices are just like you're on your own. It tastes pretty bitter so what what is it that we're having this red one right now. I gotta say this about the press juice the ruler at the little the little thing on the front like their little their little mask their icon honors it looks like a mosquito but as a branch or something. I think it's a root root. It does look like a skater. It looks like a skater boy. That's a little scary. I think he is. The mosquito is scary. I just read this this judge ito fucking manga john g that artist is blowing up a really popular because of their horror like style and there's a whole like and it's all about like the this this this this this town that goes mad because of spirals and there's a chapter on mosquitoes and it's fucking all this body horror and it's ashton yeah i i can let it to you. Oh boy no don't do that and he's not going to sleep. Don't give the scary manga. Read it like a noon with the lights on this one. This one's got a lot of ginger flavor going very kind of strange. I like more this. Maybe we'll get more to actual route three. Which is an apple. Lemon ginger beat yeah. It's it's so sweet this one <hes> it's interesting. It tastes like craft cocktail. It does okay. We've got this last one. Which is this is my favorite one. I've had this before. I think this is delicious. This is just just who you're talking about this. Yes interest to i guess just to open this. One has kind of a a apple cider kind of color to it this is this is like a dehydrated rated p like go for a run and you didn't have enough water. Oh no that's not. That's fucking nasty that does that's if you play unhealthy health no. That's what i'm saying. It's like you're dehydrated..

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