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Of these forces are marshalled and brought to bear and reports are released you know i think hillary is probably going to share a cell with paul manafort now i won't maybe not with paul manafort i don't think she's actually going to go to jail but i think that she will be humiliated and disgraced and that the party will be revealed at least time hopefully i've ever the optimist am i as long as hillary's miserable every day i'm happy i think you know look yeah you can't ask for too much out of life but when you see that president trump is holding press conferences and reporters are screaming at the top of their lungs what about stormy daniels as the president's leaving the room you know that you're driving them crazy the news media has just gone nuts and and nobody believes them anymore just by the way so president trump not currently a criminal target in special counsel probe but they're gonna keep trying don't get me wrong and here's one of the things that people keep saying this morning you can walk into and interview a an interrogation with the special council president trump could paul manafort could general kelly jenner and anybody general flynn rather can walk in and you're not the subject of a criminal probe when you walk in there just talking to you for informational purposes but they trip you up and they trick you and by the time you walk out you are the target or the subject of a criminal probe so it's not like he's out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination because the twists and turns turns are many in these investigations that go on forever and it could change but in any case that's where we are now at at this stage of the game this is very very important this has been going on for twenty seven years i think this russia probe or whatever the hell it is it's been going on for well over a year and they don't have enough to say that he's even the target of a criminal probe then they don't have anything and they're leaking it this is very important these guys are not big leakers but.

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