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July thirtieth juliette. What time is it for you right now. What time is it here in tokyo. Have no idea what day is it. I think it's thursday at eleven o'clock. Am kind of lost track. This is the life of a new york times reporter covering the olympics. Yeah some people have morning events but Gymnastics is mostly in the evening so like tonight. I'll get there at eight o'clock and i'll stay till one o'clock in the morning. Come back to my hotel and continue writing until about five. Yeah that's late so gymnastics. This is sport. You've been covering for a very long time. And simone biles is someone. You've been covering for a very long time. So i'm wondering if you can help us understand how we got to this moment. Where does simone story began. Her story began in columbus ohio when she was born to a woman named shannon shannon byles. A single mom who had four kids unfortunately had a lot of addiction problems and during my many interviews with her over many years. She's talked a little bit about her backstory simone recalls being at home not having much food or not being fed at all. She looks back sort of with disdain. That the cat was fed while the children weren't at about two years old simone and her brothers and sisters were sent to foster care and they're then it became even rockier for that moving from house to house until her grandparents adopted her and they moved to a affluent suburb of houston where the next turn of her life happened when she went to a gymnastics center for daycare trip for daycare trip so when she was a really little kid is the same year she was adopted so is about when she was about six she went to this daycare trip to bannon's gymnastics and right away the coaches noticed how she was able to understand how her body moved when she came in and did a flip and a half twist their mouths dropped open they said oh my god how does she do this because kids have to i do it into a foam pit or do it with somebody spotting you she was just able to do things in the air without thinking but yet with still knowing where her body is in relation to the ground in gymnastics that's called air awareness so they knew they had someone special right away and she moved up very very quickly in gymnastics ranks from level to level and julia when does she emerge on the national stage of someone to watch she emerged pretty quickly why from the excel center in hartford connecticut. This is the gymnastics championships. She basically showed up when she was sixteen years old. You have one of those new faces. It's a breakout year for her. Small files at the national championships. She gets through this year and it is a tremendous start for simone biles and she goes into wins. The whole thing wins the whole all around. She was just so dominant. She's a scar in the making right there. From nationals. the top women in the on the united states national team move over to the world championships. Which all the best teams in the world compete at and simone biles goes from winning the national championships going to the world championships and also winning everything. Another solar go performance abroad. Happy smile from soda balls cheer emerged triumphant. I would love to have been in those conversations with other teams like russia and china saying who is this girl simone biles. She showed up out of nowhere and this is not going to be good for us in the next olympics. We.

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