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Minute to go. Visi or share? Rather lobs it back in headman punches at around the nearside. It's going to be kept alive by FOSS left circle. Phosphide? Stroll left circle bouncing puck. Rabbi Sorolla for help deal at up by Sarah is gonna chase it to the offense of Ed. Circle. Celebrate with the Lord Lord. He's laughing on the ice celebrating with the data for Sara Lee his second goal tonight. Then I'll make it six three boy the Rangers as looks at five three with an empty a heck of a tackle by caloric rally after. Anyway, Serology just does a great job getting there. Speed. Floor comes attack. That's funny. I'm sorry. It's happened before. That's a funny thing. Good for the lead back to three thirty eight point eight seconds on the clock, and the lightning nowadays, we can say with full certain. Yeah. Closing into their seventh consecutive win the caloric. Yeah. He did. Forwarded surly when the ski race. Faceoff Sergeyev to Sara Lee or sorry to pocket at center ice off his stick place had bangs it in his corporate lighting far corner. To scoop it out blocking at his de ngelo, right circle. He shoots eight made dimming Louise made some tough saves here. Down the stretch sure has been awesome in this game off to save and went out of play or they get the second assistant Miller. So that whole line gets a point of the empty netter twenty three point two seconds remaining six three lightning. Shop to the left. In the later. There's a woman of hold games here. They had the five game homestand filled. And they went out of the road for three, but then warmer at home boy, they cashed in with these cashed in the other one on Thursday night. And then they go on the road. Yeah. That'll be. Handful on the road actually seven out of the next nine.

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