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Back to the Markov in show It's me rich the only in for the great one I am very happy to be talking to Miranda Devine tonight her new book laptop from hell Hunter Biden big tech and the dirty secrets the president tried to hide So Miranda you were telling us a story and we had to take a break but I was really riveted here by the story So back up a little bit for us if you would And kind of kind of keep going if you could Well we're talking about Hunter Biden losing all his property and he lost as far as we know three laptops the one we have that he dropped off at the macro picked up There was another one he left behind at his psychiatrist's home and that was kept in a safe And this third one that he talked about in a video that he made with a prostitute that he was engaged with at that point And he was just discussing how he'd been on this danger in Vegas He'd woken up in this penthouse apartment of penthouse hotel room that had this gorgeous swimming pool that was sort of out of the balcony And he woke up face down drowning basically And he came to and saw all these Russian these Russian drug dealers that he divided into the room were basically stealing all his stuff and they stole his laptop He's telling the prostitute about this sometime later and she's like oh well you know if they're going to do anything with it because no you don't understand My father is running for president and this could be a problem for me I could get blackmailed and I've got gazillions of dollars So he was aware at that point how he's you know losing all these laptops actually was significant in terms of his father's career But he didn't really seem to care And the point I always think of that when he dropped off that lap book in Delaware he ended up going to California He went back to shed over where it used to have a loose benders And he met the woman who's now his wife and he really never came back to leave on these coasts But he dropped that laptop off just a couple of weeks before his father This was April 2019 before his father announced that he was going to be president or going to run for president Sorry And hunter knew that because Joe had been consulting with his family so months And so it almost looks like a Freudian sort of sabotage act You know Hunter Biden really worshiped his father worships I guess still his father He is quite outweighed about him as well And I think with good reason Joe really used Hunter Biden as I said as the bagman hunter wanted to be an artist or a writer but he was expected to work in these grace and favor jobs that Joe organized with his donors making huge amounts of money way over the salary that he should have got And from that salary he was expected to pay the families bills And this kind of grift went on with all sorts of deals that he got tipped into by his father and with his uncle Jim And then of course when Joe became vice president that grief that family influence peddling scheme went international and suddenly we're talking about tens of millions of dollars involved Now cafe Milano sounds like a delicious cookie Well cafe Milano is this very swanky Italian restaurant in Georgetown that's frequented by local politicians And it has a private room called the garden room And in April 2016 Hunter Biden organized a dinner for a number of his business associates from various countries around the world such as Ukraine Russia and Kazakhstan And I think there were some Mexicans there They were on the guest list anyway And Joe Biden came to the dinner and Hunter Biden had promised the guests beforehand that Joe who was then vice president would come along and make them And he did Now Joe Biden lied about that to the American people He lied during the campaign He said that he knew nothing about Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings Well we know that he met Mexicans Ukrainians Russians Chinese Kazakhstan he met them in Beijing he met them at cafe Milano even he invited them to his home in Washington when he was vice president He met Hunter Biden's partners So that was a lie And then when we first got the laptops in New York Post back in October three weeks before the election and we published a story saying which was an email basically from the laptop from the Ukrainian business partner of hunter who is paying him $83,000 a month for literally doing nothing just sitting on the board of this corrupt energy company from Ukraine burisma So this Ukrainian guy writes an email and says to hunter thanks so much for introducing me to your father and letting me have a meeting with him in Washington And basically Hunter Biden Joe Biden's campaign said that that was garbage It wasn't true And then Joe Biden said it was all Russian disinformation And then you had the former CIA director John Brennan cooked up this letter with 50 other format spooks or defense personnel And they all claimed that this was the whole laptop like Russian disinformation and in their expert opinion even though they hadn't looked at it they hadn't even asked to look for it but that was enough to stop the rest of the media from trading it seriously And it also gave Joe Biden who had to go into a debate against Donald Trump shortly after our stories or in October of 2020 It gave him this ironclad excuse as soon as Donald Trump of course brought it up and said they're calling you corrupt Joe Joe Biden said it's just garbage we've got all these 50 eminent people from the intelligence community have said that it's Russian disinformation And he got away with it And he was elected president And you know thanks to also big tech censoring the New York Post story and blocking it And blocking our account on Twitter for two weeks into a few days before the election that story never really got out to the American people and the American people were not in the wiser about the character of one of the two candidates Now Miranda Devine obviously a lot of people kept saying well what does this have to do with Joe Biden What does that have to do with Joe Biden He's still saying it all over and over I wasn't But tell us about 10% for the big guy Well look this story in my book is not about Hunter Biden It's about Joe Biden because Joe Biden was the patriarch of this family or ease And he's the guy who is the beneficiary and also the product And he's intimately involved in the conduct of this family influence peddling operation And he has been since his first days in as a senator for Delaware Now one of the emails that we have shows there's a deal between hunter and his partners and his uncle Jim and also char and this Chinese energy company called CFC And it's not just a Chinese energy company It is the capitalist of president Xi Jinping's belt and road initiative which is basically the way China is colonizing the rest of the world.

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