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Do it cut. It got to change. I gotta clean the filters in the pool. I should've already changed the air filters in the air conditioning system. You get into you know, getting into summer months. You don't want to have that done. Also got to change the filter in the water purification system. Yeah. In the kitchen got to do that. And I think we're close to changing that filter in the refrigerator as well. I think it's getting close it's about that time host the filter in your head looking in my head and your head. How does that time to clean that out? No. I think that's fine hasn't been an issue. No, no, not at all never is. I. I. I think she's under the impression that if I don't change that filters soon as it says time to change filter that we start to die Melody's in southwest Austin. And I think she wants to talk to you about section eight housing in your neighborhood. What's on your mind? I hope she does. Good morning, gentlemen. Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that they're already are too low income housing complexes in Oak Hill. Okay. And they're fan. They're fantastic. Okay. One of them one of them. You probably pass a lot. It's on seventy one just past just north of Jack Allen in north of that shell gas station, right? It's a new conflict a couple years old. Yes. And it it's beautiful. It's comply vote trail foundation community. I know exactly what you. That's that's section eight housing. Well, I don't know it's low income housing.

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