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What's going on over there. Wait a minute. It's almost being abducted next thing you know. They got a target on their back but good and detective guy has to protect hot chippy. Going low that the plot of witness essentially exactly hot chick would notice everything back they now they noticed nothing by cobra is what made me when i heard you go on the show and talked about corolla are about co branding. The in our doubt that was it for me. I kid you not. I knew. I knew my buddy i was like i gotta meet him. Corolla just talked about one of my favorite movies of all time for our doing at the end of november. Want to go on a cruise with us where we are going to break down the movie. Not kidding will be broken down on the now we are going on a cruise and cobra will be broken. The greatest of all times great. It's a great move on like a thousand different levels. It's going to be a seven hour movie. It will alert eighty s theme of music videos in the middle of movies rates. Montage montage literally nothing to do with anything other than in other movies so it gets a pass all right. Listen with my minus five points in my off five there. I'm at. I'm at zero right now. Here we go all right up next. Tom cruise plays ray ferrier during an alien invasion. He's got to protect kids to rebuild a relationship with his children while aliens are trying to kill him in two thousand five's war of the worlds shockingly relentless movie. Yeah this one is where he worry. Yankees adam red sox fan. Yeah the yankees habits movie. I didn't like the fact that he had a sixty five mustang rent a racer hertz car and he was rebuilding an engine for it and it was rebuilding throw two out of two hundred nine and now that bumped you as well as one of my biggest probably would have been rebuilding it to eighty nine would have been period correct but the two eighty nine and also speaking of cars the electrostatic shock that the aliens gave a screwed up the sole annoyed on the star of all the cars so like no cars could be started here. The one minivan that. Tom cruise decided commentator. He told the guy to fix it. He said that's the problem with it and that one car got fixed. Here's the deal. Every car was rendered null and void but any car that was a stick shift. Could be bump started. You need the starter so now. This movie's twelve years old now or whatever it is back then twenty percent of the cars on the road were still stick shifts or whatever but if you had a stick shift you push pop the clutch. Start the car minus the starter. So it shouldn't have been every car should have been the lion. Share of charleston is also when crews. This is the famous time when he lost his mind. This is right around when he did the cow jumping up and when he did the matt lauer interview and there was a rumor that there's tons of tents as far as i could see onset to to get people to do. Yeah because he switched this publicist which when he went to the tents were wear on trying to get the extras and the crew and everyone to come read email scientology's and not know this supposedly now. There's just one but this was like when it got to a tight so there was a code fanning in this song. Perfect dakota fan..

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