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Cockpit. An investigation quickly revealed the hijackers were members of Al Qaeda terror group given safe haven in Afghanistan. By the Taliban. That is a BCS Andrew Timber reporting, new details revealed as of yet, But the White House is saying that the president will make a stop in Denver on Monday. President Biden is going to Idaho and California before appearing at a build back better event in Denver and Idaho. The president will tour the National Interagency Fire Center and in California, will survey the wildfire damage and hold an event with Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall vote next Tuesday. An investigation continues into the death of a six year old girl at Glenwood Springs Amusement park, the park. Means closed as the state launches an investigation and tonight we're learning. It's not the first time someone has been injured at the park. There were many parts of the right and we're absolutely pitch. Black Attorney Michael Berg of Berg Simpson says his client, Nadia Prasad, was riding the Alpine coaster in February of 2015 when she collided with sleds stopped in the dark in front of her. And then as she came around the corner She didn't see them in front of them and she had and she never broken back. Prasad sued the amusement park but lost a judge ruling She had given up her rights to a lawsuit by signing this waiver, which the park's still requires people to sign before entering coming into the park. Sure that you, would you You cannot sue us here. They're getting zero. Never rather gain court based center released that just said you can't sue Berg says the waivers are becoming quite common and places like amusement parks and ski resorts and says it makes it tough to hold businesses accountable. In the end, he says, customers have to read the fine print carefully. And weigh the risk versus the reward. That's Fox. 31 7. Krugel reporting. No charge is going to be filed against Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown for an altercation last month at Greenwood Village Entertainment Venue Denver D. A. Beth McCann made that announcement regarding the confrontation industry. She called Brown's behavior irresponsible and unprofessional, but also said the evidence didn't support criminal charges. Sheriff Brown thank the D a for the unbiased review and says that he was put in an unwelcome position having to protect and defend his wife. More than 200. Medical journals from all across the globe, say climate change is the greatest Threat to global public health in an unprecedented joint statement from the U. S and international journals. They insist global leaders must do more or face a global crisis for health. That will be quote impossible to reverse. They also are urging the power brokers to take health impacts more into account when they set goals for cutting emissions, The authors added. The covid pandemic cannot be used as a distraction and steps must start being taken. Now the new trailer is out for the highly anticipated prequel to The Sopranos. The.

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