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Charlie bit my finger is about to leave youtube forever. Here's why by race. A brunner. Charlie and harry davis car or just babies one and three years old when they became unintentional internet superstars. The charlie bit my finger video filmed and posted on youtube by their dad. Howard back in two thousand seven became an instant classic of internet culture. Matthew a product manager at youtube at the time remembers the company's fascination with the early viral hit this video in particular really captivated the entire world imagination. Lee says over. Google meat from taipei where he is now living and working. It was really really amazing to see that. Internally it's literally the definition of a viral video an entire genre of entertainment the organic viral video blossomed in its wake the subjects becoming mean stars. Fourteen years later. It's still one of youtube most popular videos with over eight hundred eighty million views. But if you want to see this seminal clip in full you'll have to watch before may twenty third twenty twenty one charlie bit. My finger is about to leave youtube forever to be sold to a private owner during an online auction on may twenty second when the video will join the ranks of many pieces of digital art cashing in on the recent craze for nf. Tease or non. Fungible tokens for the davies. Car family sought this opportunity themselves. It's a chance to further capitalize on their accidental. Swipe at fame establish themselves as a valuable piece of digital history and hopefully secure extra funds to go towards educating charlie harry now fifteen and seventeen and their two younger brothers. This could make the difference between them. Having cheaper student loans nicer accommodation not having to get a bar job says howard davies car. Bidding will start at one thousand dollars but popular. Nfc's have sold for millions. Charlie is running late from school. Which means our interview is running a little late. But when the two floppy-haired brothers sandwiching. Their dad appear onscreen. It's with the casual comfort of young people who have been in front of a camera plenty of times before after appearing in the original video in his sons got requests to appear on everything from advertisements to talk shows over the years. They've reenacted the video countless times and they're actually not very good at reenacting. Howard jokes charlie takes offense at that we try to keep it on the side as much as we can says harry the eldest of the way the video has impacted their lives over the years. They were just babies when they became famous. After all. and don't know life without it when i first joined my secondary school the first week. It's the big thing but then after that it just dies down to a part of normal life. Charlie says when they heard about. Nfc's away to digitally stamp an image or video and affirm its authenticity on the web. They decided to auction off ownership of their video. Situating it in a new digital space by selling it and removing it from public view coward knows it might seem odd to sell the asset that has brought the family significant income over the years but as the internet has shifted. He realized they needed to shift with it. Youtube is always changing. The relationship we have with youtube has changed. He says you're looking at this from a point of view that actually it should be there forever. Well it might not. They may change their terms and conditions in a year's time where actually loaded user generated content is not important to them any more advertising revenue associated with the video has also twin. Don't making the video. An nf t gives the family a little bit more control. Howard has long been an early adopter of new technology..

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