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A group of young people who were creating a disturbance act at the mall security calls and says hey we we need help so the wall will propose police respond and find several of the people who were creating the disturbance at the mall out in the parking lot all right so the securities there they've gotten him out of the mall what happens is a woah tosa police officer then approaches the group to try to talk with the people finding out what happened and tries to speak with them one of the kids refuses to speak with the police and then gets into a fight a struggle with the officer all right at that point in time you know it just it's on the the seventeen year old gets into a fight with the officer and you perhaps have seen the video security guard they're trying to subdue the kid and i say kid he's seventeen years old a security guard grabs him in his holding by the arms and the police officer kind of throws a forum throws a punch at the seventeen year old he goes down he's continuing to struggle he screaming and there's somebody that's that's videotaping this entire thing so again this video goes viral a small group of people calling themselves the original black panthers of milwaukee then what they do is they go out and they they're now staging protests they are calling for a boycott of mayfair mall and a firing of the police officer as a result of you know what happened here the group is demanding the officer resign or be filed fired they're calling ah prosecutors to charge them they also want shoppers to boycott the mall one of the spokespeople for this groups as far too often we are subjected to racial profiling the small far too often those dynamics have to change and we're here to demand that they do change the walla tosa police say all right we're we're aware of this this video but at the same time this video only shows a saul small segment of the interaction between the suspect and the officer so yeah i mean what they're essentially saying is this this just captures the end of this you know you don't we'll see what went on before that but we're conducting an investigation right.

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