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It's as well as the upsides and that's true for all devices jeannie linzer thank you so much were speaking with us thank you thank you for having me jeannie linzer is an investigative medical journalist her new book about implanted medical devices is called the danger within us coming up david beyond cool reviews the new amazon series electric dreams based on the works of philip k dick and the new season of black mirror on netflixing this is fresh air links hello just dropping into remind you at here and now we communiques most essential news with context they know the uae and what's next a fastpaced snapshot of the world every day listening here and now on npr one or wherever you listen to podcast to tv shows have surfaced recently that explore futuristic themes in an anthology series format netflixing launched a new season of its black mirror series while another streaming service amazon just premiered a new series based on the works of scifi russian writer philip k dick called electric dreams are tv critic david be in coolly says both shows are part of a television revival some tv genres are perennials and had been around since the early days of television and probably are never going away weekly drama series featuring doctors for example and cops but other tv genres are like locusts and are buried lying dormant until they suddenly resurface on primetime tv the game show was dead for decades until who wants to be a millionaire brought it back and quite recently netflixing godless like hbo's dead would years before it did its best to try and revive the tv western.

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