Komo, El Centro, President Trump discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Propriety of this information being published while in ongoing investigation is at hand some of the day preference in government owned classified property not komo's joel good call thank you for checking in with us today sandy in el centro in california president's job is very difficult so when they come into office they deserve information so i think that komi listening to the interview purposely undermined president trump by not telling them that the dossier was paid for by hillary and the dnc and instead emphasizing the salacious information which is not verified and i also feel like he under undermine president trump when he didn't tell them that the dossier was used for the five to warrant i think the president of the united states of america deserves that information he also lied as other people did when president trump bought brought up wiretaps now i know maybe president trump should've used surveillance but that doesn't matter they lied we now know for sure that they were surveilling the trump campaign i also feel like a coma undermine president trump when he failed to tell the the american people that president trump wasn't under investigation and when he talks about evidence of obstruction call me doesn't have evidence he just has i claim this just his word that's not evidence that's just like hearsay it's just his word when he says the russians have information on trump that's just again him believing it that's not evidence i didn't hear any evidence other than evidence that shows me that there was definitely an intent to undermine president trump they've never had any evidence whatsoever.

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