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To see it to believe it and and so we sit around and talk about it and there's no doubt about it there's there's a ton of respect needs to be given to the rockets organization for what they've been able to pull off and not just the Westbrook deal with what they were able to put together with Chris Paul and James harden was awfully impressive so there's no doubt about it that the the resume is impressive but like you said it just to me winning and championships that that takes the cake that steals the show so until that happens I would have a hard time putting him about putting him above the guys that have of championship and someone got check both multiple championship right so yeah it's it's it's fair it now you'll you'll have to you'll have to figure out the soft you that will baby it's fair or not I'll I'll take your opinion over anybody's on it do you my god that's klystron rubber candle we are Clint and camel urine Houston sports leader sports radio six ten all right let's talk Astros in Jose Altuve way because click my favorite player growing up I grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota my favorite baseball player growing up was Pete rose I still love Pete rose I wish she was still on the fox broadcast because I I like his energy alike is honesty Jose Altuve a yesterday got is fifteen hundred fit all by the way on a three run home run that took her to a lead to make it a five a leading basically was game over first of all fifteen hundred hits ought is is the franchise record for fastest beating the great Jeff bag while Bagwell by more than a full season but this is where the stack it's really cool he is the head of Pete rose's pace for hitting we say that again wholesale to be as a head of roses pace we're heading off to all eleven hundred and ninety games and dog spectrum sportsnet did a great job of running the stat yesterday Jose Altuve a is ahead of Pete rose by nine hits at the same point in their career rose is the all time hit leader my friend how cool is that staff it's it's unbelievable it's just one more one more thing that we take for granted right I don't I don't want to say yes I'm a spoiled fan but it's just one more thing that you just sit there watch these guys rake on a nightly basis and and you you really just take for granted that you got a modern day Pete rose in the making right here in front of you in in in in terms of of some of these other stats are you know in in now I'm now I'm thinking click you don't you know how might like history brain is wired I'm thinking three thousand hits right okay it like he's it fifteen hundred faster than Pete freaking rose all I'm a baseball historian and I I was a history major and it in school so that the stuff just gets me going on if he maintains the pace that he's all right now he will reach three thousand hits at thirty eight at the latest okay because I'm including partial seasons his rookie year when he played I don't know half of the year so it could be thirty six or thirty seven when he hits three thousand hits when he's got five more seasons under contract with the Astros actually that big extension to the side kicks in next year it'll be five years exactly twenty six million perk all I don't believe you will get to three thousand hits on that contract what he will on his next contract in hope hopefully that's here in Houston yeah I would I would think that relative to the position players I mean this is something this is a good conversation to have down the road may be breaking the relative to the position players I don't know that he's not the door the priority one priority number one is out to right now I know he's under contract and so there's no need to be concerned about of a relative to keep it a guy here for his entire career out to the other the pigeon obviously that you'd love to be able to restore and have a conversation about we love to be a to keep cold here for his entire career all of us will be able to happen or not but take the pictures out of the mix of that's a different those are different animals but we're talk about position players and hitters I got to believe that if if al to bay being here his entire career is not property number one right if it's not one a it's one B. maybe Bregman in in the it is far as a position players may be Springer's in that conversation right but yeah the point is is that it would be it would be awesome to be able to buy a ticket and go down the street watch the Astros watch out to ray become the the all time hits leader unbelievable man so he's twenty nine years old right now now thirty one thirty two when when the clock starts to tickle loudly right the clock isn't even really tick and right now I mean it's just in domina running as you go down the road twenty nine years old halfway to three thousand hits and I was looking at the back is you know his stats on baseball reference dot com I think was four consecutive years of way more than two hundred hits injuries have hit him a little bit lately on what al to bay is looking great right now like the body right in terms of the knee surgery in his eye he's just he's really playing his best ball the year in that batting averages creeping closer to three hundred my friend yeah and and when you watch these guys when you watching play I mean it's it's it's unfair I mean he swings out of issues damn near every time he swings the bat I mean how how this guy makes contact at a at a clip of which you just you just mentioned of the fifteen hundred here it's the the pasted to knock three thousand down I mean I mean the fact that that guy is that good of a contact hitter that good over here with two strikes that he has that generates that much power all of that the fact that god does it coming out of his cleats when he swings every at bat is impressive it is entertaining to watch man I can't believe this is all coming from the pint sized like five foot six frame right now I'd just right right he really is a marble wait Miley did it again yesterday got his ninth win dropped at your rate of three point oh six no runs allowed in five innings speaking of yesterday was a tough day for me may I saw this week it was a tough tough weekend for me Saturday I watched as John watch and in a joking manner try to chase down a gathered picked up a farm when I'm thinking no no no no no we don't we don't have strange really six four and and then I watch out I flipped the TV on watch the Astros yesterday and I see Miley rounding second right right who opened it to third I'm thinking all made we don't need we don't need that just pull pull reins back a little bit young fella and if you get thrown out of third so be it and so so yeah those those two times this weekend on Saturday once on Saturday once on Sunday if not my heart skipped a beat because I was worried about I want one of our two of the top athletes in our in in the Houston sports world they were pushed a little bit too much for my liking and in terms of what you mentioned Wade Miley he got a walk on and dot Springer hit what I forget where maybe was into the corner but the announcers were talking about that like any position player would have scored from first base on that he's Wade Miley's a pitcher to cleanse point we don't need him out there are you don't spraining an ankle pulled a hamstring anything like that it didn't matter because a couple batters later Jose Altuve a came up three run don't they hit the we're talking about you get fifteen hundred yeah he had to hope for to third but he he did just coasted in home after out to Joey thank base coach thank you hold me back yesterday when the we'll send an old one before we leave the Astros one thing that that I I saw your state in the broadcast is is they were they were they highlighted how Miley is changing up how how many times he's he's using certain pitches like in in this the last twenty starts he was the adult to change up seventeen percent of Tom and and the last start before last night he achieved only change up thirty one percent of the time so think about my point is this the dudes out there just having a hell of a season have an absolute beast of a season any steel tinkering with you know what pitch is he's gonna throw when and how often he's gonna throw one to to the to the accord of seventeen percent over twenty games too thirty one percent in one single game and that's that's pretty impressive I ask myself is that is that more about the the line up or is that something he's trying to find his sweet spot what he's really good at I think it's more the lineup click to answer your question and what is Wade Miley good at keeping hitters off balance if they know the percentages seventeen and hits him with thirty one all of a sudden other like what the hell was he throwing all these changes this is an who years so yeah I got to say as the trade.

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