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So the demand is now greater for what i call the people side. Not so much the technical work but it's the people side and there's this new research that has Come out that talks about the fact that you know the term soft skills is going to be dead and it's really more as i see it people skills are. They're calling it. How're skills because that's what's going to power the future. The new way of work the new way of living is going to be powered by our ability to be able to communicate with each other and any time that you have more than one person in the conversation. Likelihood is could be a challenge. That's interesting nancy. I think it's been that way forever. It's just thing kind of reminded us her. Yeah we all live here and communication is key looking at ourself is very hard to do sometimes but it's very important for us to do and challenging what we already know or what we think. We already know giving and receiving feedback. This is vital. How do we give proper feedback. Yeah so i I think feedback as a guest. Somebody takes the time to tell me what they think. Good better indifferent. They've taken the time because most people don't take the time anymore right what they do is they'll put it on a on a yelp or Whether they'll put on a fasted on social media but never really talked to the person. And so i learned a long long time ago when i i was working for. Ntl's which is the national training lives just to behavioral sciences and we ran training programs in people skills And learning house impact of my behavior. And that's where i learned. That feedback was holistic. There are things that i value and appreciate that you bring to the table. I want you to do more of or start to do it. Because it's really working and then there are some things that get in the way of you being effective as you need to be and so if you think about it as a holistic approach and that's the arrangement and agreement that i have you because you're my colleague then you're gonna trust that what i have to say in that because i care about you again. It goes back to intense because i care about you and you care about me. We can have that relationship where we can give each other feedback. So that's number one spending attention. The problem is that most people think of feedback. And i even heard in the way that you were asking. The question is like oh. Let me brace myself if somebody's gonna tell me something that i haven't done right right so i like to say to people. It's just the race that because that's not true back When i had customers or clients that have fencing. Nancy commute to a program on giving and receiving constructive criticism. It i see again. My body start shaking and i said no. I can't do that but i do. A program on feedback and listening skills and so it's really about that whole mindshift word word usage and choices. How do we shift it so that it's more positive and not about putting me down. You know down in the ground and so in terms of specifics around feedback. I would say to you. You know. here's what i saw here was my experience. you know. here's what i've noticed. So as an example. Let's say you. And i are working together and we were you were supposed to. We were supposed to have meetings on tuesdays at nine o'clock and you don't come to the very first one you don't show up you don't call you know right. You know tax anything..

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