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Judges take. Through. My personal favorite scene is the bathroom fight. It's really good, and it's the best active camera Di job. I love the fact that there's thirty women in this in this women's bathroom. And and kinda rolling with the punches of the fight. And they get mad at Julia Roberts and it's just and it's to really kind of famous actions at the peak of their powers going at it, a showdown. Also, we can come back to this age, the worst, but it it climaxes her being like, and a food critic. I have a lot of thoughts. In this. All right. So you at Julia u. n. carry Okey, Amanda. I went to lunch. Hang Seng. Both singing the here are the helium winter, the helium kids in that. Yeah, and that's at the brunch on Sunday for the wedding. Yeah, they're coming. All right. What's age the best feel free to chime in your on. Here's what I have down the title. Great title. Great title. For some reason, the rom coms from like eight to ninety. Eight had fantastic title share when Harry met Sally sleepless in Seattle, my best friends wedding. While you were sleeping while you were sleeping, they explained the movie within four words and just kinda worked. Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz they've aged fantastic. Julia, Julia has never looked bad movie and cameras may probably never looked better in a movie Davis, pick their powers. I didn't like her hair styles little too frumpy for me too many shift dresses, but yes, she look good. So what would he do? You think she peaked looks wise. I take that back issues. One Chicago. Summer Chicago, you watch you match cogs. Great. And you go into Semper and it's minus nine, and there's a forty degree, wind, chill. It's a great city for TV and film. It has a lot of very American vistas. It has like low has big buildings also like cool, like suburban spaces. It's if it's very genyk. That city it uses Chicago very nicely as a character. Yes, yes. And also I'd like to White Sox movie, not cubs movie. It's really a head of its time and like picking the team kinda shocking actually, yet a cubs would let them. Sure. Yeah. All right. This is a little dorky, but Cameron the as BMW convertible in this movie is an iconic mid-nineties. That was a great, really nice car. You watch. She picks up the airport if you get a nice look at that from far. Right? Yeah, really. Great. Great vintage. Yeah, really enjoy that. One. I driving scenes were kind of funny. It was like very, is terrible driver. There's like sort of how your perspective of Julia Roberts like no other point in the movie, are you put to Julia Roberts perspective like that sort of like an anomaly, but, hey, it worked. Mentioned Julia being okay, battling for screen time with cameras, I think is age really nicely? Yes, not sure. Most a list actresses would have been cool with that and then the ending that she doesn't end up with them. What else do you have for what's age? The best. It's just I'm so distracted by how beautiful Julia Roberts looks and how that is so style right now that Tan's down my choice. Wow. Guess she has the half shirt in crime crime. Cropped up and the two pairs of sunglasses. Fantastic. All the outfit said, Zoe sibits tries to wear. Connie told Kim that small sunglasses are in. Yeah, joy Roberts is wearing them. Yeah, smoking that is in no, but I do. But what does face don't do that? It's gonna kill you, like having someone tell you not to smoke still in? Yeah. What us for you? Anything? I think the concept of the we won't if we're not married the pack, the backup packed has as you pointed out really started with this movie and now you do see it everywhere, kind of taken on a life of its own. Again, I think they limit is far too low here, but I was gonna have that in what age? The worst. Just by twenty eight for Mary. They seem so early now. Now somebody did this. It'd be like thirty eight. Yeah, that's him go. All right. What age the worst sport magazine sport. Okay. His big job is he works for sport magazine, which even in the late nineties, I think was. Kind of that thing anymore. Both real. I thought it was the whole. I thought it was supposed to be Sports Illustrated does. It was.

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