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The ruler learning more details in the case of a brocton woman accused in the death of roadway foreign catherine hood girsky is charged with accessory after murder in the death of joseph shaw president trump's soninlaw and adviser jared kushner goes behind closed doors to take questions from staffers were the senate intelligence committee and the state mm and release before the session kushner said he knows of no collusion between russia and the 2016 trump presidential campaign on wall street the dow is down sixty the nasdaq is up one and the s p 500 is down almost four in ohio adjudged dismisses charges against the white university of cincinnati police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed motorist ray tensing i two trials ended in mistrials the judge and onto your decision this morning after prosecutors decided against pursuing a third try being entry this national army and value is angry initiative this time we're crankiness means are no longer able to be bronchitis tensing was charged in the shooting of same dubos two years ago chinese authorities release in the american college students who was arrested in their country a week ago guard responded bill michaels tells us it reportedly involved in altercation with a taxi driver in a fear dispute the office of montana republican senator steve danes says police in central china have free twentyfiveyearold guthrie mclane the university of montana senior was detained july sixteen on charges of intentional injury his mother jennifer mclane alleges police demanded the equivalent of seventy four hundred dollars in compensation from the family and threatened to a prison her son for up to three years if they refused to pay local police have declined to comment on the case i'm bill michaels cruised in florida are assessing the stability of land surrounding and expanding sinkhole that is already swallowed up to homes in a boat core drilling samples are being taken today this should he wants to determine if the area is stable enough to hold heavy equipment in case insurance companies won't accept responsibility to.

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