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69 degrees in Boston at five o'clock. Good afternoon on Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. The state is refusing to specify why a large number of National Guard troops have been activated. We get an update from the BBC's Karen wriggle and a big purse release in at 6 48 Friday night, the Massachusetts National Guard let us know up to 1000 National Guard members were authorized for service. In case quote municipal leaders require their assistance. There were some other information about how these guard members have helped with response to covert 19 and storms. Covert rates have been dropping in a nor'easter is not on tap. What has been happening across the country is another wave of demonstrations in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake State Police Colonel Christopher Mason was asked about the call of I think the call up of the National Guard was a nod towards ensuring That we would have the capacity to continue to be able to facilitate those First Amendment gatherings and make sure that people could be hurt, he says. There's no threat to the Commonwealth. There has been no comment from the governor, Karen Regal, W B. Z, Boston's news radio Something Kenosha, Wisconsin. It worried that President Trump's planned visit tomorrow. Might store up more tensions. His trip comes a week after authorities say a 17 year old from Illinois shot and killed two protesters calling for justice in the police shooting of Jacob Blake know, Sheriff David Beth says, a lot is happening to keep people safe Amount of resource is here to protect you, and you won't see them all. And when this when this gets finished whenever that happens, you still not know how many resource is air here right now To protect you. Some in Kenosha do want to see the President Trump Show up. The Kenosha County Board of Supervisors reportedly is holding him. Not to cancel. Secretary of the Commonwealth's Bill Galvin, urging those who have not already sent back a primary ballot in the mail to vote tomorrow. At their polling place, he says every covert related precaution has been taken. We've gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the polls are safe that voters.

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