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Listen to podcasts piece of love. All right. We're back. We've talked about real world homing pigeons. We've talked about the owls of Harry Potter. And to what extent the owls of the real world could or could not match up to their to to the sort of message. Delivering service that we see in the Harry Potter novels. They don't seem like great candidate. Is he doing? Yeah. It seems like you're better sticking sticking with the pigeon. Unless you have the magic to make it possible. So let's turn now to game of thrones to west roasts and the use of ravens. Why are we not using ravens? And we really wanted to could we use ravens to deliver our messages this one. I think the prospects are different, but maybe a little bit better than Al. So you mentioned in mythology earlier that you talked about the doves of the Noah story in the book of Genesis, Noah releases doves, and eventually they let him know that all the waters are gone from the earth. But don't forget there's another part of the story. This very strange doesn't. Necessarily really seem to add up to anything. But no actually sends out a raven. I it's kinda hard to tell what the raven is supposed to be doing in the story. Would it starts off by saying that it came about the end of forty days it's been forty days and forty nights of raining at the end of forty days that Noah opened the window of the ark, which he had made and he sent out a raven and it flew here. And there until the water was dried up from the earth. And then after that, it just goes straight into the story with the doves. So that's confusing. I'm not quite sure what's happening there. I do know that there is some there's some theories about the version of the story of the great flood that we have that say, it's actually at least two different original stories that have essentially been edited together in in the version that we have of the book agenda. So it could this could reflect different versions of the same story just sort of being stitched together. But I don't know that. So like one of them is the Georgia Martin. Yes, exactly. And it was never finished. So they. Had to dislike slap together with this other version of the story. Yeah. So some other author is like, oh, I don't like the raven. I'm gonna do doves. Okay. But they also didn't wanna throw anything away. So the ravens still there. But yeah. Anyway, the that's one of those interesting little textual mysteries. So, but yeah, the question would ravens be good messenger. Birds as in game of thrones. Now in the world of Georgia. Are Martin's song of ice and fire in the TV show game of thrones the people of west rose, they use ravens mainly to send long distance messages. Like, we're talking about much ver very comparable to the way. People have used messenger pigeons. There's a scene where Maistre Ayman the the Maistre like the sort of learned person and the up at the wall tells Jon snow, quote doves and pigeons can also be trained to carry messages, though, the raven is a stronger flyer larger boulder far more clever better able to defend itself against hawks. So I I think we should keep that in mind, and we'll. Oh, come back to it later to see whether Mr. Raymond's mostly or not on the money there. Okay. The first thing we should look at of course, is whether in fact ravens are far more clever, and I think the answer to this is a resounding. Yes. Yeah..

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