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Carson. Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny. It's good. The rule of three. I have one more for on top of old Smokey. Or did Yogi bear come home to find his wife on Lee? You can prevent forest fires. Oh, welcome back, everybody. Jason and Alexis in the morning. I'm Jace with Lex, Kenny and Bubba. It is Thursday, October 8th 2020 Bubba filling in for dawn, Who's taking some much deserved the time off. Bubba, How you doing? I'm fantastic, OK, I'm the new That's my name. I'm getting T shirt I'm wearing around everywhere. I'm sorry I accidentally called Grant Bubba for no apparent reason. I actually I do know my my Cappie and my mom or my It's really cap ease friend. More like a nephew of Cappie. His name was Bubba. Because you know everybody in the South. They have nicknames, you know, and And Bubba is his nickname. And I've been texting him the last couple of days with stuff of my mom. And maybe he's just in my head for whatever reason, but yeah, so I apologize. He must be a good guy. I'll tell you he is. You know what he Bubba is? Yeah, He's a good man. He's really helped out my mom a lot so Ah, you elect you mentioned it Briefly. When we're talking about my gross food episode yesterday you watched Mohr ratchet on Netflix and I'm dying to ask you. Are. How are you feeling? O okay, so ratchet right away. I couldn't stop watching. I was captivated and then you know, Of course, we had stopped because of, you know, just life. I could just sit there and binge because that's what I really wanted to do. So yesterday sat down, watched the couple more episodes. S so I have two left. And I'm still in it, Jase. I still think it's wow what is happening? Why did they do what they do? And the story is really sticking, sticking its weird random things that don't make sense or why or for sensationalism doesn't feel just over the top at all. It's a great story. There are some really uncomfortable moments, especially when they're doing some. What is it gay therapy or a gay conversion therapy? That's a really hard to watch. I actually had to mute it for a few seconds. Because one of the techniques that they use it's just really uncomfortable to watch, which Probably really happens. That's the other thing That's really scary, but Anyway, eh? So there are some gory parts of it. Like I said, the guy with the skin coming off flying off. That's really who you are, but in general, it's It's a great show. I hope that there's a satisfying ending. Each episode feels like a move. It feels like it's almost two hours. They packed so much into each episode. There's seven episodes total. I mean, eight. Sorry. There's eight s o. I'm still like it. Did you feel satisfaction? By the end of it will be more or is it? There will be another night. Yeah, No, there will be Maura. I got I got to the last season. A R last episode and liked it like I thought he landed the plane for this first season really well, and I'm looking forward to another season. Did you? You know one of the things about nurse Ratchet. My talkers is it is an origin story on on the character of nurse Ratchet from one flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Did you see the episode with the Puppet show? Yes. Okay, that wass Proof where you discover why she is the way she is and her her brother and what torture they had to have gone through and that they're even semi functioning until adults That is the most surprising of it all, and just the way that they filmed that was so touching. They did like a to screen. Do you see her? Watching this puppet show, but it's actually not really what they're showing the Children at all. But it's her own puppet show going through what happened to her as a child. So you're seeing that and her reaction and Who, man? Yeah, There's some fantastic acting in this. Sarah Poulsen, who plays nurse Ratchet. Fantastic. Also. Nurse bucket changes. Judy Davis. Judy Davis is so good. Oh, she's She is my favorite Ryan Murphy character in many seasons. I love Pepper. I have a few favorites, but she is all of Jessica Lange's characters I loved, but Judy Judy Davis is like my new Jessica Lange. Nurse bucket is sensational and on Lee gets better as ratchet goes on. And what about Sharon Stone and her? Damn I mean, Oh, man, if I had a monkey to have you wearing matching outfits with my monkey too. Oh, God, my face. This isn't give anything away. Sharon Stone Super rich I've mentioned before my favorite sequence because Sharon Khun deliver a line and I'm not going to even come close. But Sharon got this like giant mansion to stay out instead of a hotel, and the reporter was talking to sharing and reporter goes. Where's your monkey? And she goes, the monkey gets her own sweet And then the monkey has it's like own mansion. And I'm like, Oh, Sharon is so good. Does it bring the monkey to business meetings? No doped. I don't. I don't bring the monkey to business meetings Ratchet on Netflix, everybody that's going to do it for us today. If you're listening, and your kid that's being bullied. You go out there and be yourself because nobody can tell you're doing it wrong, right, Lex? That's right. You do you unless you're a terrible person, have a fantastic day, and we will talk tomorrow by friends. We love you. It's a beautiful day. My talk 1071..

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