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PMT seahawks Eagles real quick. I want to jump. Impact the raiders. Just because I had thought during the game what do you think. Mark Davis does when he goes out in New York. I don't know if he comes to New York you don't think he makes that trip rip. That's a long time to be on a southwest flight. I think he. I don't think that they run from Oakland. I think he's probably a days New Jersey a a ghost tour guy. Whatever city goes to he goes on the goes to and then he sees a New Jersey? Looks like a ghost mall. Yeah get some good exercise. Yeah walks around fits in pretty well. He actually probably wants to Sopranos Con-. Yeah that's right rocking the jumpsuit. Bubba what do you think Obama's here by the way. Thanks not here. Thanks on Vacation Mall. Sounds more sounds pretty good for Martinez. You think he goes. I think he goes to listen. Tries on every hat and doesn't in by anything no I don't think he goes. He goes to the kiosk. Then makes you custom hats Like the embroidery. Where they'll just they'll write something on it and just says mark you probably are? They like buys the raiders said. He doesn't know he can get for free. Yeah right it's true. It's like Oh there's a whole whole box in his office and he doesn't know and he's like Oh that's cool. Well he or he thinks like Oh why actually paying myself because we get the revenue Split So he's a little scheme he's gotten his brain whereas if I buy all the raiders raiders gear. Is this pyramid scheme. I then get the kickback. I could see him going to spend a Lotta time in the big dog store but not buying anything looking at all the shirts and just having a good laugh. Afghan like laughing out loud one. Sure look at this one. And there's no Hon. Takes a picture who security guard. I'm talking about the employees of all. Yeah it's like. Oh Ah there's no there's definitely not a misses most of the time except everyone's on he's definitely there's no real on yeah he yeah He goes to the Walmart five dollar shirts and laughs at all in them. And then you and actually he definitely uses big. Johnson uses those jokes later on in the night at PF. changs thinks. He's like he's like. Hey you he's a big gives you facts from snapple bottle on a guy All Right Sea Hawks Eagles we you gotTa have a conversation about Carson Wentz. Here we do this. Actually both Carson's in this game Bad Carson Game Today Yeah Carson Wentz so I think this actually was the game if this frame it in relation to whether or not. He's better than back Prescott so I think he's. I think this was the game that is finally Shifted Eagles fans from Being Blind Carson Wentz apologists. There's not ditching him but I could feel the tide shifting on twitter where it's like people are starting to say. Hey when you yeah you're seaver suck and your offensive line socks but when you miss a a Guy Wide Open on a three yard out that's not on your receiver that's on you. And he's now had two games in a row that look really bad four turnovers Carson Wentz. Here's what it comes down to. I want you to answer it. Is Carson Wentz a bad quarterback or as Carson Wentz a good quarterback going going through a bad run. I think he's a good core. He's a bad quarterback that has gone through good runs got good and now I think he's he he's been who he is his entire career He's lost a little bit of his mobility. I think won't last two years But but I I think overall he's perfectly average quarterback that every now and again shows glimpses of exactly how excited you were two years. So he's not a franchise quarterback back. Then I think he's an average franchise quarterback That's not a franchise court. I don't know what a franchise quarterback he's the guy who you can basically sleeping no franchise quarterback to me is a guy who can say for the next ten years. We will have this quarterback and we will make the playoffs as long as he's healthy. I think I'M GONNA I'M GONNA mark this in the he's injured but he doesn't want to say how introduced he. I did have an extra first hand. So that's a good thing for Carson. Wentz that he can kind of lean on that. Now that he's trying to but I I actually think I've always kinda thought Carson Wentz was a franchise which is quarterback and I still see it. But man he was bad today. I'll put it this way right now. They're what five and six five and six. Okay they can still win the division vision absolutely. They actually have a far easier schedule than the cowboys they have at the dolphins. That's a win giants. That's a win at the redskins that's win. So they're going to win the next next three games and then they have a home game against Dallas Week Sixteen and if they win that they have the giants at the giants week. Seventeen so they do. We could be sitting here here in six weeks and be like member cars once had that bad game and then they won five in a row without ducks who get out our back. We'll get lean Johnson back. I'm just saying this is the first time I've felt in my own like assessment of Carson Wentz. Maybe he's not the guy that I thought he was. It's like if you have a bad cough you can. You can shake off macaw for a while but the second that a little bit of blood comes up in your coffee now I need to go. Now something's an issue right the three out that you're talking about that. Was the blood cough. A AH good quarterback doesn't miss this throw unless there's a problem right so there's a problem we don't it's I don't know what the problem is. I mean I feel not only can I could feel philly fans kind of being like. Oh this is weird because this is not what you know. We've been defending and they have a right to defend because his wide receiver she was had been trash and his offensive line is banged up this year. Put Man there are some things you're like. That's fucking weird man. He's not the guy that you thought he was All Right Russell game didn't help the Cagey right. Said after the game they knew exactly what the eagles were doing calling out there plays before they ran them. That probably doesn't help not great. That is always a bad thing to have a defender say after the game. Yes not great. Russell Wilson continues to be. Even his bad games are good games. Yeah he had some Mrs today where it was like. What's going on with him? That was an ugly win for the seahawks where they probably could have won by like three scores and Yeah Wins Win. I don't know what to says about me when I'm watching football football boot. I can identify when a flickers coming before the defense can. I don't know if that's the camera angle or whatever and I get so excited when I pick it out when I know that it's going to be thrown back to the quarterback back before the announcers no before the defenders no on the field. Will you have the tests now. Oh I have to call him out. Yeah okay because this would be I think I would bet like ninety five percents. This could also be. This could also be dad territory where you know how everyone's dad just calls out every play and then the three gets right. He's like called it. Yeah that would suck. If I was a dad without the sex part right you just got all the worst parts of because it. How many have you been calling? We now know I'm telling you I feel I. Nail Mavericks Lab Ninety Five Ninety six percent clip. You're saying you call it out before the like the before. Run like turns his body. Before I see the defense react to it. I diagnose a flea flicker better than any. NFL Defense now. Zada defenses are slow. They haven't defensive they haven't caught up to my head in your head but are you calling it when they're like when the running backs actually throwing it backwards. I call it. The second. The runningback takes one slower. Step that tells tank all right so yeah we got to see it you know. It's very tricky leg on. Bella should say that because he could be doing it on any which is why defenses. That's probably why average yards per carry because the safeties have to stay back all right so we I mean we watch a lot of football together so you start doing that and I will report honestly back I believe you. Yeah I just WANNA see. I wouldn't make the Sun No of course not but I wanNA see in action. Because I don't think I've ever heard you do it so now. You GotTa start saying out loud. Okay I do say you. Also get negative points for flea flicker that you didn't say anything. Oh of course. Yeah it does if it happens. You're like if I'm caught off guard if I bite on the on the play fake. Yeah I believe the first minute how might even be minus two. If you call flea flicker that doesn't happen. I know because if you call yeah if you if you call flickered that isn't a flea flicker that's an issue that's a minus two. I thought you were saying that if you fail to recognize if if you if it happens and you don't say anything that's minus one plus one for every time you get it right okay. All right so we'll just on that one how you should be. You should be significantly in the plus I should be. I know I believe in you. I believe in you See the the eagles are probably still going to make the playoffs. Somehow even though they've lost two games in a row where their offense looked terrible I still substantial lines up perfectly for them. Yeah and I don't think the cowboys earned good right now so I would actually bet on the eagles making out of the NFC do it. And it's east do it all right Lions Hines Redskins. Jeff Driscoll Nope Nope nope he had about one point five daltons on the moxie meter two interceptions in the final minute of the game. That's hard to do To in the final minute and it's not like it was garbage time. It's not like Oh yeah you needed though this was this was serious. Time here The big story though obviously Dwayne Haskins consultancy was just a picture. He took the phone. It was a Selfie so he thought the game was over. At that point he ran to the sidelines was taking selfies with fans. Meanwhile case keenum getting pulled out onto the field to take a knee yell at the very end of the game and if you thought that Joe Theismann was going to watch this and let this slide buddy oh you don't know Joe Theismann. Because he saw and he was like this is Bush league stuff and joy. His prostate was swelling up out of sheer anger at Wayne. He's not he's not going to be for a week. Okay I saw it. I really don't want to think it's a big deal but I don't think Dwayne Hassans played well enough to take a selfie while the game still going enough. I think my biggest issue was. I sort of think about other quarterbacks imagining other quarterbacks doing this and finding themselves in that position he and I was having a a tough time pulling out names. That weren't bad quarterbacks to be compared rights like I could. I could see James doing this it also. Yeah Jayme West. Virginia's the hall of I could see Johnny Mandel doing this. Yeah I could see swag absolutely this wag. Would we know about Jerry Bruce Allowed on him ragweed one hundred literally. I think let's see who else that's currently in the league. Paxton Lynch Paxton Lynch will do it for sure if you ever want to take a picture. We're actually know someone would ask Paxton Lynch if they if you take the picture. Yeah of us of yeah. Don't put yourself and offset so. Yeah I really don't because it. It is one of those weird things. Where if you are too mad about it and I'm not mad about it at all but if you're too mad about it you telling on yourself it's like come on that's ridiculous us but he did not play well enough to do that? He had four touchdowns and four hundred yards. I'd like fucking do whatever you want. He's he's in that spot where he's been so bad and Redskins fans want him to be good that just winning a game where he's not even good and they're like looking okay. He's coming along and he was. I think he completed less than half of his passes. And he had an interception touchdown they won they won. I think it was his first career. Win Actually actually right. That's why maybe that's how I'll explain this way. My he was excited to get that first win in front of that huge field event. I mean I can't I I I can tell you I do the same thing I spent the fucking I five minutes to show sing. Mitch was was good or I think he said he was average. Probably wasn't but when you're so bad that you you have to convince yourself even Halfway decent or not even halfway decent like a not bad performance is somehow good. That's when you know you're in a bad spot. Also Wins Wins Young. Yeah he's really young so I mean I can't I can't blame them too much for that. I'm not mad at him for doing that at all. No but it's just like it was weird Mu i. I can't imagine it happening to competent organization. Confetti quarterback no. We'll see the means you can close your eyes and picture them getting confetti on on their face. Oh I'm in the Super Bowl. I'm so delusional. I can close my eyes and imagine any quarterback getting confederacy..

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